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BLOG NOTE: 2018.10.20:

Here we are again. How time flies when you are goofing off. Now it's another "anniversary", and I have 18 years clean and sober and without cigarettes too. How sweet it is. And I can still ride a bicycle without getting all out of breath.

I'm happy to say that at this point, staying sober is not the end-all and be-all of my life. In fact, I often just forget about it because I'm more interested in something else. Lately, it's been DOS. No joke. You know, old DOS like we used to run on our computers 20 years ago. That DOS. I found some old floppies in a box, and discovered that I had bootable MS-DOS 6.22 and also FreeDOS, and I became curious.

I discovered that some guys were maintaining the FreeDOS project, so I downloaded a CD distribution of it, and have been playing with it. It's a real trip down memory lane.

What is outrageous is that I can put the whole FreeDOS system on a little thumb drive, and boot it and run it as if it were a real hard drive. I have a handful of 2GB thumb drives that I got at Goodwill for 99 cents each, and just one of them makes for a huge disk drive for DOS. The largest disk drive that I ever had for DOS was 300 Megabytes, and now just a tiny 99¢ thumb drive is six times that size. How times have changed.

BLOG NOTE: 2018.11.13:

And now it's 18 years off of cigarettes and tobacco. How sweet it is.

I don't recall having craved a cigarette even once in the last year.

What I recall is moments, especially when riding a bicycle, when I was grateful for the ability to breathe freely and effectively.

BLOG NOTE: 2018.11.18:

The BBC informs me that today is the 40th anniversary of the Jonestown mass suicide/mass murder end of Rev. Jim Jones' cult:

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46241372 == BBC article, "Jonestown: Rebuilding my life after surviving the massacre" by a survivor of Jonestown.

January 04, 2016, Monday, :

Canada Goose goslings

Canada Goose goslings

Canada Goose goslings

Canada Goose goslings

[The story of the birds continues here.]

BLOG NOTE: 2019.03.09:

Okay, now the big one.

Returning to the Air:
The Orange Papers

The Orange Papers is going back online now. I am in the process of uploading and installing everything.

What happened was, my host died. That is, both the man Jeffrey Iddings, who generously hosted the Orange Papers for several years, and his computer company, both died. When the guy went, so did his computer company. And it happened at the worst possible time for both of us, just as I was moving to another county and temporarily homeless, and without Internet access. Then, when I got a home, it turned out that the only internet access available in that small town was a dishonest cable TV company that tried to cheat me, and I didn't want to deal with them.

But I finally worked my way through the problems, and have a new hosting company in Portland, OR, and am uploading the files now.

And ironically, I am in the middle of another move now, out of McMinnville OR and into the hills above Newberg OR. It looks like it will be fun. Fortunately, I found a way to take the Internet with me: a Netgear "Nighthawk MR1100", which connects to the AT&T wireless network. So whereever there is a cell tower nearby, I can get Internet.

So anyway, the files are uploading now. Alas, this arrangement is far from ideal. The FTP transfers abort after every 10 to 30 megabytes and I have to resume the upload. I have about 2 1/2 Gigabytes to upload to restore the site.

Have a good day.

== Orange (Terrance Hodgins)

Additional note: The static web pages are now up and online. The forum system is not working yet, because I still have to get the program called "drupal" installed and configured correctly, and the MySQL database that it uses restored. Soon.

Also, don't worry about the missing photographs in the last few files of letters. I'm still working on that, and will insert them when I get my hands on them. Right now they are on a disk drive that is buried in a storage locker.

BLOG NOTE: 2019.04.11:

Kent State University in Ohio maintains many mailing list forums; one of them being "Addict-L". (Details here.) It reports a lot of interesting information about addiction and treatment, and has a high level of professionalism.

Google Groups archives messages from Addict-L here:

...And a hard-working fellow named Mike Ashton posts many links to all kinds of interesting studies from a British forum about addictions and treatment called "Findings".

I stumbled across one interesting study today:


Supervised dosing with a long-acting opioid medication in the management of opioid dependence.
Saulle R, Vecchi S, Gowing L.
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews: 2017, Issue 4. Art. No.: CD011983.

The question was, "Does closely supervising addicts who are receiving methadone or buprenorphine treatment improve outcomes?" That is, making them come to an office to get their doses. And perhaps also counseling them while they are there. "Do they stay in the program longer?" "Do they relapse less?" "Do they divert (sell or give away or redistribute) their medications less?"

A study of 7999 such treated addicts revealed that the answer was "No." No improvement over just giving the addicts the medications and letting them take the stuff home and take it on a daily basis by themselves.

One conclusion of the study was:

The authors' conclusions
Take-home medication strategies are attractive to treatment services due to lower costs, and place less restrictions on patients. Due to the low quality of the evidence for the outcomes assessed for this review, there remains uncertainty about the effects of supervised versus unsupervised dosing, and in particular whether lack of supervision is associated with more diversion and unsanctioned use of medications. Strategies for individual patients should be decided on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the characteristics of patients, including social factors such as employment status and relationships.

My conclusion is that it comes back to motivation: Those people who really want to quit their addictions will, and the half-hearted people won't, and having a bossy supervisor looking over someone's shoulder does little good. Which rules out a lot of so-called "treatment programs" where a dogmatic Stepper dictates orders to the victims, and tries to control their lives, and even tells them what to believe.

BLOG NOTE: 2019.04.24:

Two days ago I installed the Twitter app on a cell phone, and discovered a column called something like "references to you". I tried it, and it showed me a bunch of posts addressed to me that I had not seen in the last couple of years. They began with requests to put the web site back online, and continued with a note that one file was missing from the reconstruction, and then notes thanking me for putting it back up.

Really, I wasn't ignoring you people when I didn't respond. I never saw those things before. All that I ever see is NBC News and political party posts and things like that. (In spite of the fact that I follow something like 185 people or organizations. Maybe that's the problem.)

I guess I need to learn the fine points of dealing with Twitter. Oh well, have a good day.

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