How did an obvious religious (or satanic dependant on your point of view) cult, which was an off shoot of another cult know as the Oxford Group, with co -founders such as chain smoking, acid taking, conman and sexual predator Bill Wilson and child battering Bob Smith manage to so dominate the field of substance misuse? This cult apparently doesn't even work as an aid to a substance misuse problem, is full of mentally disturbed individuals, suicides, control freaks and sexual predators. How did mankind allow this 12 step thing to prey on vulnerable victims to such an extent and despite, with the arrival of the internet, much exposure, STILL allow this cult to prey on vulnerable victims with its outright lies and fear -mongering? Why does so much of humankind advocate censorship of any criticism of this cult despite the numerous very derogative and even outright satanic accusations made against it? I've even been told that admitting powerlessness and total reliance on a higher power can be a source of strength for some people. How can being told (falsely) that you are totally powerless against something (something which many use with impunity and is legal in most countries) and need some form of higher power if you are to fight it (albeit for one day only), how can being told this fear mongering lie, possibly be a source of strength to anybody? Who exactly owes a duty of care? Who is actually meant to protect the vulnerable from exploitation by this cult? We all know its a cult, we've all seen the permanently screwed up minds, suicides, control freaks and sexual predators that seem allowed to flourish in this thing called is this steppism thing allowed to exist let alone still prey on the vulnerable in 2014 in the developed west? I've pondered over this question many times and think that the practice of extensive censorship of the true activities of this cult is a major contributor to the success of this cult. That's why I hate censorship of this cult no matter who advocates it and why, censorship just allows this thing to continue to prey on the vulnerable


Surreal, isn't it. I look around and much of life is this way. It is as if I was born into or somehow transported into some bizzarro alternate world, where everything is not quite right. Up is down, left is right...
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Some brief replies to the original post: First, the same question could be asked about the Moonies- how that cult has survived, why people continue getting sucked into it, etc.- and a large part of the answer would be word-of-mouth-- the wrong words, from the wrong mouths. Second, one reason 'censorship' is working is it's too easy for them to dismiss any one individual, especially if that one individual's experiences have been limited to one location. They can easily say "That person is a wacko," or "The person is unhappy with experiences in his/her group." And I'll also add: awhile back I heard about the CA attorney who was starting a class action lawsuit-- if this person knew what he or she was doing, the suit would be on a federal level, not limited to people in California.

adding to whar's been said....its a money juggernaut. 30 billion a year, basically skimming premiums for slogans ...a bad trade. surely but the banks own the insurance companies and their left hand slipps the money to their right hand...from your premiums. thanks to Rockefeller blessings. the banksare in the religious business. de facto. abd you can't sue a religion. genius. the country's money system will implode by these same fractional reserve vultures of jekyll island. like Jefferson warned us over 200 years ago. they own us we don't own ourselves- we've all been slaves since 1913. and they rellus what fields to plow and sow for them, watch the keiser report

Take what you like ...and leave the abuse ...for unwitting newcomers? [sarcasm]

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rEADING Gore's book It hit me how AA plays off of genuine sense of powerlessness that exists throughout life Reality with all i'ts magnificence offers the best with spontaneous moments/Love/friendship/sunrises/sets what's valuabel and neessary we are often powerless over For so many countless persons OCD's /there is a perceived need for control over wife/lover/friends /everyone in person's life IN KL at event /had to be verified as havinf Knowledg but for this one person/it was opportunity to show how clever he is and NO/OBEY ME/OBEY ME/SITIN THAT CHAIR ///NOW GOOD he obeyed me so I'll give him a pass to enter auditorium nothing about seeing if I had knowledge,nut will YOU OBEY ME??? For was opportunity to hvae his perceived need for CONTROL SATISFIED but daily life does not offfer this/life confronts control/takes it away no choice to eat/sleep/shit/drink beverages/ do it or die Control freak hits AA and hears--"You are powerless>" Immediately switch happens Yes it's true/I am powerless/can't get wife/children/friends to OBEY ME so what's real becomes what's not reality/switched by individuals own mind With time finds OMG ?here's lots o people that I CAN CONTROL/SPAWN SORE SHIT AA offers excuse for abuse with your powerless=reality Not powerless over alcohol,but over society and life. element changed w/o person seeing reality. lighthouse in mtns /waiting for pills to hit and sleep.


but the banks own the insurance companies and rehabs while their left hand insurance slips the money to their right hand rehabs ...from your premiums. thanks to Rockefeller's blessings AA long ago. Interested businessmen love rehabs. which is where 90% of the forced coercion is initiated. and they own the jails- so what do they care - their system rakes in 100s of billions in the end-specifically because it does not work. our whole insurance system is a mob racket. and obama locked us into the private ceo elitist system. using the republican's 1993 plan.

Take what you like ...and leave the abuse ...for unwitting newcomers? [sarcasm]

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I do agree a lot of control freaks do infest the stepper cult, they are so obvious even to other steppers. I've seen a stepper who I believed was jealous of another stepper with less time but who could woffle on about nothing for a long time. This stepper, who constantly bragged how long she claimed to be in the stepper cult, actually called the cult a woffle shop. Just because others with less time were better wofflers than she was. I still think censorship of the truth, including that steppism is just an off shoot of the oxford group cult is responsible for its success. Again I just watched Coronation Street, a British Soap, where one of its characters is a member of a support group that has sponsors and recites the serenity prayer. Why is something as fundamental to steppism as God, not ever mentioned on Coronation Street? This same God who is mentioned 6 times in the stepper cults 12 steps and constantly in the BB and 12& 12 does not appear to be mentioned by the media when talking about the stepper cult.....why this silence about something as fundamental to steppism/oxford group dogma as God?
......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11