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Why do US Courts continue to mandate people to attend the off shoot of a 1930's cult? I don't know much about US Law but I've heard often that it is against your Law to force somebody into a religion, and AA has been declared a religion in some States (perhaps due tom the fact that God is mentioned 6 times in those 12 steps). Why does this Court mandating to AA still occur in the US?


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Actually the UK courts are learning a trick from the US Courts and have begun to do the same things by proxy through the probation department and people trying to use the AA get out of jails free card in their defense. Just today is an example of this very thing happening in Exeter, a city in Devon, England. Judge Elizabeth Rylands of the Exeter Crown Court, the solicitor of the defendant Daniel Gayton and it would now appear the probation department now have an open into verifying if the defendant goes to Alcoholics Anonymous or not. Like the US system, often "treatment" is demanded as part of probation and depending who you end up going too AA attendance is used as an adjunct and they determine if you are going to AA or not. If the counselor does not believe you are attending AA, then he fails your "treatment" which the probation department gets notified of and they tell the court system. I this case the defendant was given a 12 month sentence in jail on his second offense. It could be that the writer is partial to AA and showing that it is now being used as an excuse in court. It could be the solicitors (lawyers) keep trying to use it like in the US. It could be that AA in the area are going to the medical professionals looking for prospects and it should be noted that in Devon the "Plymouth: Road to Recovery" is active as identified by aacultwatch (see: It should also be noted that the Devon Intergroup is located in Exeter where this incident happened. Here is the story " Exeter burglar caught by angry victim as he tries to escape in his car" By Exeter Express and Echo | Posted: April 12, 2014. You see these stories all have a deeper connection than are outwardly apparent, but you should always look.
Welcome to the Devon Central Inter-Group (DCIG) web site, the home of Alcoholics Anonymous in central Devon. DCIG is the support organisation for AA groups throughout Torbay, North and East Devon. We are based in Exeter. This site offers information and help for all those who believe or suspect they have a problem with alcohol.

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The reason why too many judges get away with ORDERING/COERCING people into 12 Step groups is because of THEIR OWN IGNORANCE of recent federal circuit court decisions, that FORBID SUCH MYOPIC COERCION! The other fact is that, there are ZERO court decisions (that I am aware of!), that state that COERCING any court defendant into ANY "mutual-support group" (12 Step or not!) is adverse for the person being coerced (even if they ARE given a choice of groups to get coerced into (as "Inouye vs. Kemna" (a 2007, 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals case allows for!). Maybe once someone starts fighting THAT battle, then that will allow the "hostages" at ALL of these groups (12 Step or not!) to finally be freed once and for all!
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certain people question how I know certain FACTS w/o being some 007 James Blonde fake movie cahracter.Simple=newspapers/talk w/locals It is all in reading between the lines and seeing how this piece of info connects with this info then add it up, subtract the lies/misdirections and as My Hero said "When you have eliminated the impossible Whatever remains, no matter how improbable it seems : It is the truth." SHERLOCK HOLMES/ OCCAMS RAZOR Lighthouse in mtns getting head screwed back on again too much energy with Prem and circuits overloaded time to reread my notes from programs.


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This is the sort of cult recruitment by professionals that needs exposing to the British public on a grand scale by a documentary TV program such as Panorama. This cult seems to recruit fresh victims with deceptive recruiting techniques and censorship whenever and where ever it can. Is it any wonder that many people call it a satanic cult and others call it 'sinister.'
......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11
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So your hero is Sherlock Holmes?

One of my heros is Agent Orange.

In fact, I have chosen Orange as my Higher Power.

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