The Definition of Insanity

The definition of insanity… Doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. If You've tried AA over and over again, and You're not getting the results you were promised, maybe it's time You tried something else. Think about it.


To be fair, many of these people who have been consistently desperate to recover through AA despite numerous failures only keep trying because they've bought into the lie that it's the only way to recover.
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When a person is told by paid professionals with multiple degrees who are addressed as "Dr." over and over that the ONLY way to recover is the 12-step method, and they can't even get a second opinion in their location that disagrees; what can they do? At least now the internet exists, but if everyone around them is telling them there is only one way then information online can still appear risky. And add to that the pressure if their loved ones get taken in by Alanon...what a set up.

It has caused me so much damage I just can't even think about it. :(
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Why dont they adopt their own slogans and see this?! Because they are told they arent doing the steps thoroughly enough or working the program properly!

"Exhibiting serious debilitating mental disorder. 2) absurd" Describes the 12 step program to a t. Yes it is absurd to keep trying the same billshit expecting it to one day restore your sanity.

I had a spy in a meeting on Saturday and the same old folk were still there.

insanity is doing something over abd over - is respun elsewhere in aa word spells into - you were not thurough.

Take what you like ...and leave the abuse ...for unwitting newcomers? [sarcasm]

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Hey Gunther, the way it hopefully works in the rooms is; You keep coming back, over and over and over and then one day......the light bulb goes off and you say to yourself........Holy Fuck, now I get it......THIS PLACE IS NUCKING FUTS!!!!!!! LOL

"being told you are powerless is psychological abuse. individual natural remission from substance disorders is the silent majority experience."

Dont forget those fake promises that keep people coming back. We have found much of heaven and we have been rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which we had not even dreamed. What a crock. If your fortunate the light goes off.

Or, is that; "The Light Goes On" ? Whatever works (:
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I was just being silly. Obviously it would be infinitely better if nobody were to ever step foot in those rooomz so that they wouldn't have to have a light go off. I guess that's one of the reasons why we're all here, right? :-) To keep people from "keep coming back because IT DOESN'T WORK IF YOU WORK IT! lol