Censorship by religion

Alive and well on the Internet, you know the place where people go that is 'open to share ideas'. Weak case indeed, when you must rely on brute force and mob rule. I suppose I should take a page out of JR's book, and start making use of the wayback machine.


I was taught that compassion is a good quality. I don't see much of it in nature. I like feeling compassionate. Was that programmed into me or do I get to claim this "quality"? What really makes me most angry is that people don't listen to anger. What's up with that? If anger can be healthy and needs expressed, why is it disregarded by people in general? "Oh, he's just angry", someone says, yes, but... Sometimes I speak out of anger and don't say what I mean but often times I am speaking my fkg truth. Anyhow we all need to respect each other's feelings. Anger should be acceptable. It's a good strong emotion. I like incorporating the "Don't take people personally" philosophy into my life. I can listen to someone's anger if I don't take it personal. I don't want anyone taking my anger personally. I also would really like to be able to let people say it like they see it. There is plenty of fkd up shit going on and I'm pissed off! Not at anyone in particular. It's more that I'm angry at systems in place that need examined that get overlooked, because somewhere someone made an unspoken rule about our rights to even voice them. Don't know if I'm making sense. Got screamed at by someone I dearly love. Life is such a shit cake sometimes. :-( I want to acknowledge this person. I like what they are driving at. And I like their name! LOL Telling it like it is with a warning- OpenlyHostile. I hope you stay on the forum.
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So it was all Einsteins fault? Or was it the perception of one person about what he said?

~You can not moderate the truth. Just don't lie, steal or make stuff up out of thin air and try to minimize the people hurt by AA without it being pointed out to you. It's really very simple.~

That's all it takes, a couple of smart people say "This IS how the problem will be solved." Fk that shit "being the change you want to see happen". That's never fkg worked to make the world better. That's a me statement so you can stroke your ego at the end of the day?
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' and mob rule.' Sounds like steppism to me...........and Smart Recovery
......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11
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Watched other dvds of Abby.I would oh so love to wake up every morning looking at that babe's eyes. she's pushing the package on what's going on in Capitol Hill what a lovely lady.god.want to meet her and wine and dine that one liberal Betty.She's serious about journalism and getting facts to thee JQ public. Just listening to her gets me moving to place where changes happen automatically.Awesome eyes and talks straight Lights my fire and seems like one who'd keep it lit. not one night nor day but for the weeks,months,years that're left. Staying lit and seeing someone who'd keep me shining .


I was taught that compassion is a good quality. "I don't see much of it in nature." I don't know the mind of nature and for all I know it totally acts out of compassion. If I looked at myself I would not 'see' compassion but it is there for every living thing, even some unliving things! lol How do we know what is really alive? Anyhow the Buddha probably learned it from nature. Seeing spring and everything that survived and everything that is starting to grow out here, there is a feeling of compassion even as the cold wind is blowing. Perhaps it's all projection but so much life is living here together... So statement is retracted. I will continue to practice compassion even as I kill to survive.