Are You an AA Parrot?


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That parrot looks strikingly similar to my new avatar. Even the smarmy smile. ; )

You are seriously talented Gunthar. The parrot is very cute!

Pro Empowerment!

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That's one hell of a freaky looking parrot, Gunthar! Here, this one's much cuter:
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Just curious
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Someone in AA who repeats what they hear others say in meetings. This person is trying to conform to the group to obtain acceptance; they have not had time to formulate their own material and typically identify themselves as grateful alcoholics. Example: Bill; "My only options are jails, institutions, death." Karla; (repeating it at another meeting up the street) "My only options are jails, institutions, death, SQUAK."

Someone in AA who is grateful that they suffer from the deadly imaginary disease alcoholism. The reason being that if they did not have alcoholism they may have not found the conformist love fest cult Alcoholics Anonymous and had a life beyond their wildest dreams. G2K, Can I get a picture of a grateful alcoholic?
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The AA Parrot is classified in two groups. This particular parrot may be an anomaly and does not fit exactly in the classification, but it is close. This stepper is somewhere between classification 4. Conformist Stepper and 5. Playboy, Playgirl Stepper 4. Conformist Stepper- The perfect member They agree with everything that is said. They make contributions and think everyone else makes good recommendations. Because they wish to please everyone, they try to avoid disagreements about Bill Wilson and the 12 Steps. They are not at critical of contributions. If asked, they think that the group is “wonderful” and “saved their life”. They are very important to furthering the agenda of the Aggressive Stepper and Special Pleader. 5. Playboy, Playgirl Stepper – Relatively harmless They regard an AA meeting as a social occasion. They enjoy people and believe that everyone likes them. Discussions on the subjects of Bill Wilson and the 12 Steps are boring, but they can be fun if no one is too serious. They see themselves as the joker, poking fun at other members and helping every one have a good time. They attempt to be the life of the party, and they leave serious thinking to others. For all intents and purposes this Stepper and its Prospect hunting can be classified as (with the exception of multiple Sponcees and it appears to be using the Internet for that purpose as surrogate Sponcees): 2.) The AA Prospect fishermen participate mainly for the sport involved in a catch and release environment. They normally have multiple Sponcee's and turn over is high. Occasionally the AA Prospect fishermen will release a prospect and inform the AA Prospect trapper of prime hunting grounds.

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That parrot in the link has a life beyond its wildest dreams.
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It might be nice to have one that doesn't have my cancer showing up, but sometimes you just do the best you can do. I think a "grateful alcoholic" is someone that is happy to have found a solution to the problem regardless what it is. There are some situations that are seemingly beyond any kind of improvement. The gratitude comes from not continuing to live as I had.
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