Do Not Respond to First-Things-First

He just deletes all of his posts anyway. He's made it apparent that his intention is to stir up trouble and derail threads.


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He has been exposed for what he is. Just another serenity hornet coward. We have more important issues than to waste time with ignorance.


I thought it would be fun to drink a gallon of prune juice atop a pound of two day old brie, go to a meeting, and have a boo boo. Perhaps if we all did it at the same time it would be like an "occupy AA, we are the 94%".

Sounds like a riot, lol. Only in the movies though......

Pro Empowerment!

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Can the rest of you get in line this time?? (;
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Brie + prune juice = ????

I'm not responding to him anymore either. Figure hes regrouping somewhere like a virus & attempting to return w different user name & a different tired old stepper tactic. His first same old stepper tactics bit him in the ass & he failed as miserably as aa!