The UK goes viral over Iain Duncan Smith - Is addiction a moral defect or a mental illness?


I believe that the UK does not like the policies that Iain Duncan Smith is trying to implement in the UK. Fueled by the Recovery Industry Cartel started by Alcoholics Anonymous World Services, Inc (AAWS) and the US based Hazelden Foundation, the vampires want to drain the economy worldwide to pay for Rehab stays, which will send the worldwide economy into a deep depression.
Is addiction a moral defect or a mental illness? Politicians or polemicists who debate the true nature of addiction do little to improve the addict's wellbeing. by Tanya Gold, Monday 28 May 2012 21.00 BST s addiction a moral defect, a mental illness or a party trick gone wrong? Two events, a policy and a book, pose the question again. The policy is from Iain Duncan Smith, ever fretting over a vampiric underclass and their disgusting habits. IDS is considering docking the benefits of addicts who decline "help"; it seems they must attend Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA), or risk greater poverty and, inevitably, chaos. This is a tax on mental illness that will apply only to the poor; rich addicts, thankfully, will be left alone. Like many of Duncan Smith's dreams, the fantasy is grandiose and almost an acceptance of the disease model of addiction, if only from small state fetishism. Will we see more evidence of this acceptance in better NHS funding for psychotherapy and rehab, or an acknowledgement that drug and alcohol abuse flourish when there is no work? I doubt it, and in any case, the reality of his policy will be dust in his hands. As John Sutherland pointed out last week, willingness is essential to recovery, and willingness cannot be bought. Duncan Smith will pay people to go to AA, and AA will be filled with new members who are there because he made them go. This will make for some interesting sharing, but willing members will, in my case with boggling eyes, take responsibility for IDS's victims alongside their own illnesses, signing papers to provide evidence of attendance; imagine a mother and baby group at war. Anonymity, meanwhile, is smashed; it will go down like a Priory made of dominoes. In seeking to soothe addiction, IDS will imperil one of the only known means of arresting it. Wondrous.
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The people in the UK are not going to put up with what Iain Duncan Smith has proposed. It will send all of the UK into a fast spiral into a deep financial depression.

~You can not moderate the truth. Just don't lie, steal or make stuff up out of thin air and try to minimize the people hurt by AA without it being pointed out to you. It's really very simple.~