Anti-plug: Tom Selleck slams rehab mills

Last night, there was an interesting movie on TV. "Jessie", written by and starring Tom Selleck. In this story, Selleck is a former chief of police of a small town, and a girl whom he had befriended a couple of years earlier while he was the chief was found dead of a drug overdose. In writing this script, Selleck mercilessly slammed corrupt rehab centers. The girl had gone into an expensive rehab center for alcohol problems two years earlier, and got dosed with tranquilizers and declared cured and released after only two weeks. All that the rehab center did was switch the girl's addiction from alcohol to pills. Worse, one of the workers at the rehab center was really a pimp who used the rehab center to recruit girls who were sick, confused, and cloudy-headed while detoxing. He played games on their heads and convinced them that he was their friend. So they met him later after they got out of rehab, and he got them onto drugs like heroin and made them into his prostitutes. The characters in the story repeatedly referred to the rehab center as a "rehab mill", and spoke of it with disgust. Best of all, guess what the rehab center was named? "Serenity". ---------------------- By the way, Selleck acts the part of a guy who is having problems with alcohol himself. The story never directly declares that the former chief of police lost his previous two jobs because of drinking too much, but it is very strongly implied. Selleck struggles to keep his drinking down to 2 drinks per night, and does not always succeed. But there is no Stepper nonsense about being powerless over alcohol, or needing a Higher Power, or Working the Steps. Selleck's answer is to just get a grip and drink less. All in all, it was a refreshingly different story, free from the usual cliches and slogans and myths about rehab and recovery.

The thriller Orphan (2009) has the mother with one year sober doing it on her own. On several occassions during the movie she is slamming AA pretty good, in an intelligent way. Of course people are starting to think she is going off the deep end and might be drinking again because of the problems with the "orphan". But she proves them wrong, that's all I'm giving away.

Rehab was my prison sentence so I could go back to work. Nothing else. It was an utter waste of 104 days, 13 hours, 45 minutes. I was subjected to a constant 12 step indoctrination and without the help of sane folks like I've found here I just might have cracked. I had to fake it to "graduate" so I could get my life and work back, but not a day passes that I don't hate the memory of that place and all the self-righteous, inflexible pricks I dealt with. They happily took my cash and then tried to turn me into an 12 stepping zombie. I hope there are many more films, books, anything that exposes the sham of 12 step rehabs.
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Thanks for the tip. I'll have to check that out. (Like from the library, right now.)
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And have a good day.
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Okay, I got it, and saw it. Yes, it's a horror movie. And it was interesting the way the mother was pressured to go into rehab and get the A.A. cure just because people didn't believe her.