Happy Birthday Bill W.

I hope you are rolling around in your grave at the near 6 million hits! Best quote about Bill from a stepper: "I wish Bill Wilson was alive. He would have the moral authority to put an end to 13 stepping."

12 Step Matchmakers Sober Singles Whatever your 12 Step Program of Recovery, we have THOUSANDS OF CLEAN AND SOBER SINGLES and Recovering Friends in ALL 12 Step Programs of Recovery, for sober dating and hoping to meet you! *It is suggested by AA and most 12 Step Groups of Recovery to wait one year before entering into a romantic relationship. In the course of that year, 12StepMatch can help you find Friendship, Support and Hope in Recovery that “The Promises” will come true for you.


THE FIX is open for business again and it's 2nd day, it speaks about court mandating and the Karla Brada murder by her AA boyfriend! Court-Forced into 12-Step- THE FIX The long-term practice of courts sentencing offenders to attend AA and NA meetings is increasing, and the effects on both the fellowships and the sentenced has wide-ranging consequences. The Fix investigates.

Baby killed by being shaken to death... Oh this is so sad!

This is so sad. Baby was killed by being shaken. Guess who did it. Guess what fellowship he belonged to...OMFG they are such pieces of shit!!!!!! Its says where they met, where she was when her baby was murdered...etc

AA Nationally Televised Commerical

Advertiser: Alcoholics Anonymous

"If your world is controlled by alcohol there is hope and Alcoholics Anonymous can help you get sober."

Jim Battle Plagiarizes Orange.

Well, no wonder certain people named “Jim Battle”, Preacher, won’t answer questions and feels that people shouldn’t research. He’s been exposed here on the OPF as a hater and liar. Some people don’t believe that he is, or they think it is his right to do so. But what about plagiarism? Does he get a pass on that? Do “real” Christians plagiarize? On the following website:

Pulling a Bob Beamon

NEWS NOTE: 2013.11.25:

Wow! That was fast. Last month, the Orange Papers set a new record of 4 million hits in a single month. Now, this month, just last night, it broke 5 million, and if the numbers continue the way that they are going now, the total will go over 6 million hits before the end of this month. The record will go from 4 million hits up to 6 million in a single month.

I don't know what is going on. I'm not doing anything differently. The traffic just keeps going up and up.

The Leap of Faith

What is faith? Faith is not the safe climbing of the {trapeze} artist’s ladder. Faith is being willing, able, gutsy, vulnerable, and courageous enough to let go of the safety and security of the swinging bar, in the middle of the air, in order to take the hand of the one who will meet you. Faith is “Making the decision I will never drink/drug again, I will never changing my mind. Faith is “Don’t drink, do as you please”. No question mark? Sober-man

A Whiskey Glass?


the real un spun un censored raw view of aa in any tv episode

i really am appreciative to see the real un spun un censored raw view of aa in any tv episode; first its validating to see all the real sides of aa... second it indicates important social attitudes are changing. Just recently recently aa is being portrayed as being dangerous and its inefficacy is being revealed by hollywood moneywood. that's an accomplishment each person on the opf can feel they contributed to this + . and even when we fight and get angry - especially then.

anybody make reconnects or new contacts with opf members who were aaers

anybody make re-contacts or new contacts with opf "members" who were prior AAers ....if so, how many? although it seems the "ex-programmed" tend to be very anonymous due to social taboo. the EXers out number the XAers by many fold. considering the success rate of membership a truly silent majority. apathy is allowing so much abuse in some many areas of society.. i.e. in one state mj is legal but in another you;re labled a felon life ruined and off the controlled pain meds I know exposing aa is valid but there is at the same time so much more that is not getting done.

Rapists Anonymous

Did anyone see law and order this last week? The character/detective Amanda is hanging out with the steppers in this episode, this is a means for her to overcome her gambling addiction. Lo and behold Amanda has a new guy ooops it turns out he is a 13th stepper , a well known 13th stepper to everyone but the character Amanda who by association with this character gets roped into rescuing another gal in the program who claims to be the victim of 13th stepping and rape but is really the villain, stalker, persecutor and murderer!!! Oh No!!! Amanda got duped.

Dallas Cowboys 24.....New Jersey Giants 21

East Rutherford, NJ

FLOD's Orange Sports Blog

Dallas Cowboys Pics 1440x900px

The FIX is coming back!!

I received an email a few days back that said The Fix is coming back! (from my inbox)
MORE SCOOP ON THE REAWAKENING OF THE FIX Dear Members: After nearly being shuttered for good, we’re delighted to announce that The, the world’s leading website reporting on addiction and recovery, returns with new and incisive reports, feature stories, addiction-related scientific information and personal voices. Our relaunch date is Monday, November 25.


How many times did you hear that you were gonna DIE if you ever left the AA cult? How many times have you heard a freaked-out stepper nervously state emphatically that this site and others like it are killing thousands of alcoholics? Personally, I didn't know I had that much power within me. Did you?


Many pursue it into the gates of insanity or death.
BB More About Alcoholism, p.30

What AntiDenial failed to mention...

In a recent email to Orange AntiDenial complained...
Date: Wed, November 20, 2013 5:39 pm (answered 23 November 2013) From: Anti-Denial Subject: Personal attacks Dear Orange, I heard your interview with Monica and loved it. This is Anti-Denial and I wanted to bring something to your attention and get your thoughts. It seems like an overzealous forum member Cause and Effect has put a disclaimer on everyone of her posts that says.

Whiskey and Cigarettes for Good Health
Hardy pensioner Dorothy Howe has reached her 100th birthday - despite smoking nearly half a million cigarettes during her life. ... But despite the obvious health risks, Dorothy believes smoking is the secret to her old age - and a regular drop of whisky.

The Bible On Trial - The Scopes Monkey Trial

The Scopes Trial, formally known as The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes and commonly referred to as the Scopes Monkey Trial, was a famous American legal case in 1925 in which a high school teacher, John Scopes, was accused of violating Tennessee's Butler Act, which made it unlawful to teach human evolution in any state-funded school.[1] The trial was deliberately staged in order to attract publicity to the small town of Dayton, Tennessee, where it was held.

OT: Saw a matinee of "Catching Fire" and enjoyed the film.

I went to a Matinee showing of "Catching Fire" and I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected to. I might even see it again, depending on the company. The costumes and sets are really beautifully done, and there was some nice acting -- I'm looking at you, Philip Seymour Hoffman. I'm curious if anyone else is planning to go see this film while it's in the theaters. Have a good Friday night!

Deuteronomy 21:18-21, NRSV

The Bible says… If someone has a stubborn and rebellious son who will not obey his Father and Mother, who does not heed them when they discipline him, then his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him out to the elders of his town at the gate of that place. They shall say to the elders of his town. “This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a glutton and a drunkard”. Then all the men of the town shall stone him to death. How about this for a treatment of alcoholism?

The 12/12 book & BB

I found yet another brand spanking new BB and 12&12 in the back room. I swear those books keep breeding. I know they're not really. Each time I find one, I throw it in a box, trying not to put myself down too much for being a huge BB thumper way back when. Anyway, I'm pretty much flat on my back these days since my surgery. I had 3 vertabrae fused, and a dime-sized benign tumor out of my sciatic nerve. I kinda named the tumor "AA", and feel so happy that I got that damn thing off my back! Not a very funny joke, but I get it. :)

Am I the only one?

Am I the only one that has hell trying to follow who is responding to who in the threads on OPF? Responses seem to be set over to the right a bit or a lot inconsistently, add to that responses to responses with content that don't always make it clear by the text who their talking to, and I for one am having great difficulty following some conversations. Has this been discussed before? I know I haven't been that active here, and for that reason I feel a bit awkward griping about it, but honestly this is a big reason I haven't been that active here.

Ask Yourself...

Breathalyzers can help drinkers cut back

The $150 BACtrack connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. Then you just download the app, enter your gender and weight – and blow into the hand-held device. It gives you a blood alcohol reading that is then saved in your phone. Less expensive (and less accurate) personal breathalyzers utilize a semiconductor sensor, but the BACtrack Mobile Breathalyzer uses a professional-grade, fuel cell sensor, the same technology used by law enforcement.

Is George Zimmerman a Member of Alcoholics Anonymous?

This blog suggests that he was court ordered into an alcohol education program...
Those charges were dropped after he agreed to enter an alcohol education program. Since most alcohol education programs revolve around AA, I would assume that Zimmerman is a member.


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