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Don Lattin author of "Distilled Spirits" (ASIN: B0091OCCB6, ISBN-10: 0520272323, ISBN-13: 978-0520272323) gives quotes about LSD from Bill Wilson, Aldoux Huxley and Gerald Heard

I am certain that the LSD experience has helped me very much. I find myself with a heightened color perception and an appreciation of beauty almost destroyed by my years of depression…The sensation that the partition between "here" and "there" has become very thin is constantly with me.

Bill Wilson, 1957

California Election Results: Prop 64 Passes; Ballot Initiative Legalizes Recreational Use of Marijuana - LA Times Reports (is this the start of the end of the WAR on Drugs?)

Californians vote to legalize recreational use of marijuana in the state

Nov. 8, 2016, 8:12 p.m. By Patrick McGreevy

Voters on Tuesday approved Proposition 64, making California the most populous state in the nation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

Vandalism of Womans Car Attenting Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting in Marblehead, MA -Wednesday 10/28/2016 AA Service Area 30


Complaints 10/28/2016
A report of vandalism at 10:40 p.m. Wednesday on Cornell Road. A woman reported she was at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting when two other girls tried to pick a fight with her. She stated she refused to fight and went into the meeting. When she went outside, she found that her windshield wipers had been ripped from her car and her headlight was smashed. She believed it was the two girls because of the earlier incident.

Inmate refuses Presidential clemency for non violent drug charge in Beaumont, TX. If he took the deal he would get out 8 months early, but would have to enroll in a residential "intensive" drug treatment plan if he took the deal....

Thanks, but no thanks: Inmate rejects Obama's clemency offer

By Doug Criss, CNN
Updated 2109 GMT (0509 HKT) October 17, 2016

(CNN)Most prisoners dream of getting clemency from the President.
Arnold Ray Jones got it. Then he turned it down, the only inmate to do so.
Wait, what?

84 Year old man allegedly beaten to death by 21 year old while setting up AA meeting in Fallbrook, CA AA Area 9 AA District 17

Man setting up AA meeting beaten to death outside church

Posted 5:33 PM, September 22, 2016, by Jason Sloss, Updated at 05:43pm, September 22, 2016

FALLBROOK, Calif. -- A 21-year-old man was suspected of beating to death an 84-year-old man outside a Fallbrook church Wednesday, investigators said.

San Diego County Sheriff's deputies arrested Keith Vasquez of Fallbrook shortly after the attack.

Before the deadly attack, Vasquez is suspected of picking a fight with two men painting the building.

3 people OD at West Palm Beach County (Ghetto "my interpretation) in one week on South Federal Highway in Lake Worth AA Area 15 District 8

In yet another string of OD's in sober homes in West Palm Beach in West palm Beach county, 3 sober home participants over dosed in one week. For those not familiar with Sober Homes they are set up as holding areas for addicts and mentally ill people until they can be placed in more main stream concentration camps such as Hazelden for around $1000 a day. Sober homes are more like the Ghettos that charge about $500 to a $1000 dollars a month for those that can not afford $1000 a day, do not have insurance or other things.

Does anyone have any statistics on how many Addicts/Alcoholics die in Detox or Rehab? We know it only has a 5% success rate. What happens to the other 95%?

Just wndering? We hear about a lot of people dying in sober home ghettos and people dying in 28 day wilderness camps and rehabs, Are there any statistics on these numbers, or are they hidden from the public and don't make major news headlines?

Why Alcoholics Anonymous targets the low lifes of Society

Simple answer is that they are easy targets. The Benedict Arnold of the faux Anti-AA site in London doesn't believe in using history (he calls them conspiracy theories) the thing is that the study of history is to prevent prior tragedies from happening. again. I guess he doesn't believe that England was the 2nd main cause of slavery in the US and that they used the main English Jamestown, NJ colony to import and sell these slaves. I guess he doesn't have the intelligence to learn from history which prevents things like this from happening again...

The most idiotic claim that AA makes is it is an upside down pyramid. First off the individual

The most idiotic claim that AA makes is it is an upside down pyramid. First off the individual groups do not publish and print the prospect instruction manuals of the Big Book or the 12&12. In fact the adjunct books of Living Sober and the International magazine of propaganda commonly called the Grapevine is not published or printed by the individual groups in AA. They are propaganda and prospect instruction manuals published and printed by the high priest/priestess at the Interchurch Center on 475 Riverside Drive in NYC.

Sex offender arrested for stalking woman he met at an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting in Berkley, Callifornia AA General Service Area 06 (CNCA) Alameda County

Sex offender set to enter plea after stalking, threats

July 28, 2016 1:03 pm by Emilie Raguso

A convicted sex offender who left “disturbing” notes for a Berkeley woman he met through Alcoholics Anonymous is set to enter a plea Monday after being charged with stalking by the Alameda County district attorney’s office.

According to court papers, 58-year-old Carl Jones left notes for the woman in early July after they met at AA in June and “developed a friendship to help each other with recovery.”

Off Topic - The good in people, Inmates in Parker County Jail, Texas break out of cell to save Officer having a heart attack. AA General Service Area 66 Sanctity of Life.

(CNN)A group of Texas inmates are being hailed as heroes after they bust out of a holding cell -- to save a corrections officer's life.
The Parker County Sheriff's Office just released security camera footage of the June 23 incident.

List of reputable Doctors who claim Addiction is not a Disease

Dr. Stanton Peeles says addiction is not a disease.
Dr. Mark Willengbring says addiction is a disease
Dr. Lance Dodes says addiction is not a brain disease nor a DSM diagnosis
Dr. Gabor Mate says addiction is a disease
Dr. Marc Lewis says addiction is not a disease
Dr. John Kelly says addiction is a disease
Dr. Carl Hart says addiction is not a brain disease
Dr. Marvin Seppella says addiction is a disease
Dr. Gene Heyman says addiction is not a disease
Dr. Lee Ann Kaskutas says addiction is a disease

AA Tradition 8 as first presented by Bill Wilson in the A.A. Grapevine, April 1946. Why was Tradition 8 written and what does it have to do with AA 12 Steps? Were Bill W and Dr. Bob compensated for 12th Step Work?

8. Alcoholics Anonymous should remain forever non-professional. We define professionalism as the occupation of counseling alcoholics for fee or hire. But we may employ alcoholics where they are going to perform those full-time services for which we might otherwise have to engage nonalcoholics. Such special services may be well recompensed. But personal Twelfth Step work is never to be paid for.

Source: http://www.barefootsworld.net/aatraditions-gv1946.html

Women fight before AA meeting in Kings County, Federal Way Washington in AA District 32 General Service Area 72 over controlling attitude while making coffee...

A fight between 2 women erupts while making coffee before the AA Meeting chanting begins. Remember arrive 20 minutes before and leave 20 minutes after and do Service Work...

‘Jails, Institutions or Death’ words of wisdom from the "bibles" of AA written (plagiarized?) by Bill Wilson in the "Big Book" and 12&12"

"Each AA member is to follow the 12 steps to the best of their ability or face jails, institutions or death. Therefore, we are disciplined by the spiritual principals of the steps and a higher power of our own understanding. Just as every AA member takes the steps to the best of their ability, each AA group as a whole must follow the traditions…


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