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Are you obsessed with AA?

How long have you been doing this, and how does it help you?

Wow! This forum is hopping!

The focus is entirely on Hate.

I hate AA.
I hate land manatees.
I hate free speech.
I hate people on meds.
I hate people who won't support my hobby.
I hate old men who prey on young girls.

...and the list goes on and on!

I just got an email from someone who cares... He told me I could cut it up and post it however I please, but I'm gonna post most of it without his name...

Hiys G

See you are having a bit of a battle at the Keep up the good fight.

I saw this comment from some stupid cunt

Anyone wanna write a book with me?

We could write a bunch of books and just say the same thing over and over... This could go on for years! We could call ourselves "addiction experts" too!



What does the website "Leaving AA" really offer when it comes to deprogramming?

Is there even a process for deprogramming available?

Wanna talk about Ryan?

God is Great!

Ryan's Song

What does the website "Leaving AA" really offer when it comes to deprogramming?

Is there even a process for deprogramming available?

Wanna talk about Ryan?


Not many examples of recovery here or at AA.

Your New Anti-AA Sponsor is no Better Than the AA Sponsor You left!

Okay guys... a few of you can string some words together in an attempt to seem like intellectuals. The best writers I've encountered as an unofficial member of the "Anti-AA Movement" are probably (prolly for us teenage girls) Mona Lisa and humanspirit. While many of these folks, whom I have not mentioned by name, may seem to have their shit together, they are actually a rag tag buncha internet bullies with no goals, no jobs, values insufficient to maintain normal relationships. Most of them are on meds for a number of diagnosed disorders.

Leaving AA...

Deleting your comments... One Comment at a Time.

Is AA an abusive and traumatic experience?

Where is the evidence?

When Bill Wilson, or any other AA member has sex it's a scandal...

Why they even made a movie about it!... It's called The 13th Step.

When someone from the AA critical movement does the same thing it's "hot."

I don't get this... Can someone please explain it to me?

The 13th step film... Tarnished

Stanton Peele has quite a way with the ladies.

I wonder if Monica did background checks before choosing her "experts" for the movie.

Orange? You okay buddy?

Haven't seen you for a while.

Hope you are okay.

Clara Please Contact Me




I don’t remember if it was summer or winter. I couldn’t tell you what time of day it was. There are many specifics of that encounter that I find difficult to recall.

It's about time!

Merry Christmas


The New Twelve Steps

I moved into a new place

Things do get better... even without joining the cult.

Imagine that?

Remember the 80s?

An old Christmas favorite!

Billy boy
Billy boy
Billy boy rock
Helyn Wynn shag like dogs on the block
Dancing and prancing around the square
In his Billy boy underwear

Watch out girls for that Billy boy rock
Billy boy sperm's got Billy boy germs
Don't be Bill's schlepper
Or your kid will be a stepper
From the Billy boy rock.

What's Happening at The Grove?

I don't know, but most of the comments on The Fix have been deleted! LOL!

Looks like I was wrong.

Apologies to Monica Richardson. Looks like she's really getting things done.

Muck & Fuddy

The Sober Truth CBS 48 Hours



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