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So I was surfing Wikipedia today and came across this quote. It struck me because this type of magical thinking epitomizes the stepper mindset:

J.R. Harris!!!!

I totally can't believe this. This is so awesome. I clicked on Avo's link, and J.R. Harris is cited in a LAW REVIEW ARTICLE!!!!!!

See JR Harris, Highlights a Few of the Murderers in Alcoholics Anonymous—I Believe They Need a Few More Current Entries, ORANGE PAPERS (July 5, 2012, 9:13 PM),

RIP Florence Rankin 12/17/1895 - 4/19/1943

72 years ago today, Florence R. passed away....

Florence Rankin Kalhoun was born on December 17, 1895. Her troubled life would be plagued by bouts of heavy drinking, which ultimately led her to the basements of Alcoholics Anonymous. Florence's story hit the big time when "A Feminine Victory" made the first edition of the Big Book, where she wrote,

Songs for Steppers

Here is a link where you can listen without the crowd noise:

Bill Wilson: Lord, Liar, or Lunatic?

Christian apologist C. S. Lewis presented the following trilemma regarding the claims of Jesus of Nazareth:

Happy Birthday Florence R.

Florence Rankin Kalhoun was born on December 17, 1895. Her troubled life would be plagued by bouts of heavy drinking, which ultimately led her to the basements of Alcoholics Anonymous. Florence's story hit the big time when "A Feminine Victory" made the first edition of the Big Book, where she wrote,

I know that my victory is none of my human doing. I know that I must keep myself worthy of Divine help. And the glorious thing is this: I am free, I am happy, and perhaps I am going to have the blessed opportunity of "passing it on." I say in all reverence-Amen.

Halloween Amends


Personally, I do not think alcoholism is a disease. Many people, including myself, have advanced this position by arguing how drinking involves a chain of voluntary choices such as going to the liquor store, buying booze, opening the bottle, and pouring it down the throat. However, although I don't believe alcoholism is a disease, I find this argument lacking. Take the analogy of scratching an itch. By most accounts, like lifting a glass to your mouth, moving your arm to the itch location, and proceeding to scratch are also a voluntary actions.

12 Step Program adopts LSD

The co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) believed LSD could be used to cure alcoholics and credited the drug with helping his own recovery from often debilitating depression, according to new research.

About 20 years after setting up the Ohio-based sobriety movement in 1935, Bill Wilson came to believe that LSD could help "cynical alcoholics" achieve a "spiritual awakening" and start on the path to recovery.

Hazelden Meditation for the Day 9-21-14

This is just off the wall, coming from medical professionals:

Removing liberal arts from college?

Here is a good article I found. The author is spot on. Some people will say this is off topic, but the point about liberal arts being pretty much worthless is VERY germane to the subject of Steppism and the substance abuse treatment industry:

There’s something severely wrong with postsecondary education in the United States.

Boniface and Bill's bad behavior

Before Bill Wilson was banging Helen Wynn into sexual submission and dropping acid, Boniface wrote,

Assimilation and intellignce

Two weeks ago I posited the following theory, which I'd like to discuss more:

Suggested prayers for AA funerals

Here's a link with prayers for AA funerals. Note the special prayer for cases of suicide:

Newcomers stumble into a twelve-step meeting, weeping and crying, as they choke out their story past their sobs. And finally someone in the group says quietly, “Welcome home.”

Sultans of Step

Sultans of Step
by Liar Baits:

You get a liver with a scar
Or drive drunk in your car but meantime
Down in the basement you stop and you hold everything
A clan is blowing Billshit double for an hour
You feel alright when you hear a higher power

Well, now you step inside but you don't see too many faces
Coming in out of rain to hear the chants go down
Logical thought in other places
Oh, but the drones, they're blowing that sound
Way on downtown, way on downtown Stepper town

Will Hank Skinner ever be executed for murdering women he met at AA?

AMARILLO (June 7, 2014) State and defense attorneys have filed briefs with a judge who will decide the fate of Texas death row inmate Hank Skinner, 52, who came within 20 minutes of execution in 2010.

Worshiping Boniface

I ask, WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!? Very creepy:

Thoughts on this

Hazelden Meditation for the Day

More brilliance from the esteemed medical professionals at the world's flagship treatment center:

David Korsh sermon

Note the strikingly similar to AA ritual chanting:


The word "creator" appears 12 times in the Big Book, and 5 times in the 12&12:

Yet Steppers can pick ANY higher power? But that's billshit, because what if your HP is a bedpan that does not create anything?

Homemade Boniface dedications


Footnote 125 of The Soul of Sponsorship

Mary Darrah in her book on Sister Ignatia tells the story of the time Sister Ignatia prayed the Stations of the Cross with Bill Wilson. "Bill began to sense a relationship between the cross of Christ and the suffering of the alcoholic." Bill identified most with Jesus being nailed to the cross (Station 11) and the plea of the dying Christ, "I thirst! My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? 133.

Footnote 106 of The Soul of Sponsorship

This is published by Hazelden, the world's foremost authority for treating the medically recognized disease colloquially known as "alcoholism":
Pass It On, Chapter 16, has a wonderful description of the time Bill heard voices who gave him their names in Nantucket. Their exact names checked out both in the graveyard and in the whaling museum.

The Rise of Islam and Boniface

This looks like a snippet from a larger lecture, so Islam is not mentioned much. Still, good AA history:

Compare these quotes

Bill Wilson:
Arrived at this point, we were squarely confronted with the question of faith. We couldn't duck the issue. Some of us had already walked far over the Bridge of Reason toward the desired shore of faith. The outlines and the promise of the New Land had brought lustre to tired eyes and fresh courage to flagging spirits. Friendly hands had stretched out in welcome. --Big Book pg. 53


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