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Unrelated to AA but interesting regardless: Man's Defense for Raping Sleeping Woman: "Sexsomnia"

Is this an illness or a disease? Man's Defense for Raping Sleeping Woman: "Sexsomnia" A 27-year-old man charged with raping a sleeping woman says he is not guilty of a crime. He claims he, too, was asleep during the act. The alleged rape occurred last summer in a cabin in Vilhelmina in northern Sweden after a night of heavy drinking. “I was awakened by her pushing me away and asking, 'Are you awake?'," the man said during questioning, according to the Aftonbladet news. He stated this wasn't the first time he had awakened to find he'd had sex without knowing it.

Another Celebrity Rehab Victim:

"Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has fallen into the elite celebrity "rehab hoppers" such as Lindsay Lohan, Demi Moore, Mark Kate Olsen who have all attended Cirque Lodge according to US Weekly. Sorrentino checked into Cirque Lodge for alleged prescription pill abuse. Unfortunately for "The Situation" most publicized drug and alcohol rehab stays don't actually achieve results, except maybe a few cover photos on a sleazy tabloid magazine. Experts from Saint Jude Retreats, a non-12 step program weigh in on The Situation's chances of getting clean in traditional rehab. "

Sterility payment for addicted

---This made my stomach churn. Paying addict/alcoholics to get steralized. --Ugg. Those afflicted with an addiction are often times in need of some quick cash and not thinking clearly as well. I imagine that desperate addicts that go through with this type of procedure could later become deeply regretful. Isn't there a some kind of law preventing taking advantage of the sick? Is it really about saving tax dollars and avoiding birth defects or is it about population control?

Advice for the Wives.

Advice for the wives, quoted from the chapter: To The Wives, found in the Alcoholics Anonymous Text/Big Book. It's a wonder how this still gets printed as an inspirational self-help book for anyone with the excessive chauvinistic "suggestions" that it contains. I'm amazed that any woman can read this chapter and consider it has having any value other then good fuel for a bomb fire. Furthermore, how can any editor read this and consider it appropriate as an instructional piece? “Don't condemn your alcoholic husband no matter what he says or does”

Man dies after befriending another at a Narcotics Anonymous Meeting.

Man jailed after drug injection causes death Death was the best outcome for a drug addict whose friend killed him by injecting him with morphine, the man's brother told a court on Friday. In February, Brendon Lawson, 41, pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his friend - a fellow drug addict he had met through Narcotics Anonymous. On Friday, Lawson was sentenced to two years and seven months' imprisonment in the High Court at Auckland by Justice Peter Woodhouse.

Everyone... Massive is not Sally.

I am Sally. There are some bloggers here that are accusing Massive of posting under two names. I want to make it clear that that is not true. Avo = Sally and Massive = Massive. FYI - if you care: The OPF is was the first site I had ever blogged @ (approx a year ago), and I thought I was only going to post once or twice and move on. I didn't give a lot of thought to a name because I wasn't intending on sticking around long. It's one that just popped into my mind at the time.

You must go to Alcoholics Anonymous AND get a sponsor.

What does everyone think about getting sentenced to getting a sponsor? What about the sponsors that may not want to get involved with a drug dealer for cryin out loud! Oh, that's what I think..Others? "As part of his probation, he was ordered not to violate any laws, to abstain from using drugs and alcohol, to pay fines and costs, to attend at least two Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings a week and get a sponsor, and to begin a moral recognition therapy program through the probation office.

What is a religion?

I'm not looking for the standard definition and I'm not asking if you believe in God or even what your HP is, although feel free to share if you are inclined to. I'm interested to know what religion means to you, as an individual. To me, it is a foundation of pracitces in which people participate with the intention of bringing themselves closer to God.

New book: American Indian uses peyote and 12 steps to cure addiction.

The Thirteenth Step: One Man’s Odyssey of Recovery http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2012/03/18/the-13th-step-peyot... According to Robert Hayward alcoholism is a spiritual problem and indeed, only has a spiritual solution. You must have a higher power. Must. How did alcoholics that didn't turn their will over to a HP got sober?

Murderers get sentenced to AA...

And AA won't change it's 55 year old structure to help keep members safe. Killer in custody wants answer from Parole Board http://www.salemnews.com/local/x594873282/Killer-in-custody-wants-answer... "Doucette pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in the 1991 execution-style shooting of Raymond Bufalino of Salem, as well as a pair of home invasions while awaiting trial, and received seven life sentences.

Be careful who you meet in AA! "Man tortured, beaten beyond recognition by wife and her boyfriend in NW Toronto Apartment"

In a nutshell, a man befriended a fellow at an alcoholics anonymous meeting and invited him home for some snacks and celebration for the new year. He wasn't inviting him to take over his life which included his wife and his finances. It is unclear at this point if the perp became the other's sponsor, but as it turns out "He moved into the couple’s Abbotsford, B.C., home and gradually took over their finances, receiving their disability cheques and determining the allocation of household expenditures."

"Washington, D.C., - Beware the temptations of a 12-step program"

Wow, that's a statement huh? That begins an article from citybiz Philadelphia, an online newspaper reminding (warning) people about confidentiality in 12-step groups, specifically Alcoholics Anonymous.

How I Stopped Drowning in Drink

Captivating, well written article about a man that wrote his own twelve steps and quit drinking without AA or any other program. For years I'd told myself I wasn't an alcoholic. I never drank alone. I didn't wake up with fierce cravings, and sometimes I went for one or two days without drinking. A need to drink all day, every day, was never my problem.

Making Changes in the Structure of AA

Changing AA. Within a the “Sexual Inventory” thread yesterday, Clara asked me what changes that I would make to AA to help make it safer. The following is what I wrote with a couple of changes: Just to be clear, my opinion that AA is unsafe is not my only complaint against the program. I’d rather see it shut down completely. That’s my official stance. Since this topic is about AA safety and changes, the following changes is what I would propose if I was on the board and otherwise in full support of the program. 1. No more young people (under 21) allowed. Firm.

12-Step Continues meetings for Forgiveness and Peace "Abandon yourself to God as you understand God. Admit your faults to Him and to your fellows."

A Course In Miracles International Announces Plan For Continuous 12-Step Meeting As Part of the Celebration of International Forgiveness Week and Weekend of Perfect Peace A Call to All Friends of Bill W. Everywhere to Join in Forgiveness and Peace Wisconsin Dells, WI (PRWEB) March 13, 2012

HP: "Do we need the AA negation?" In depth article

Posted 3/13/12 by Russell Biship There was another article about Alcoholics Anonymous was published yesterday at the Huffington Post online news page. It's wonderful to see that the amount of truth written about AA has been increasing. This is long, but worth the read. Soul-Talk: You Don't Have to Be an Addict to Recover

Alcoholics Anonymous Member and Confidant is a Thief! -Trading Case

Alcoholics Anonymous Tie Cited by SEC in Inside-Trading Case By Joshua Gallu - Mar 13, 2012 3:21 PM CT http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-03-13/alcoholics-anonymous-tie-cited-... A Philadelphia investment adviser is facing U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission claims that he led a group that used nonpublic information divulged by an Alcoholics Anonymous confidant to profit from a 2008 merger.

Inmates at Cocke County Jail baptized through 12 step program.

COCKE COUNTY, Tenn. (WVLT)-- Inside the Cocke County Jail you'll find dozens of women, each with a different story. "I was on drugs really bad," Edna Brown said. "I'm here for kidnapping and aggravated assault," Candace Dress said. Some like, Jennifer Perrcell are facing more serious charges. "I'm here on murder charges," she said. No matter the crime, many of the women share the same cell -- and as of last month, they now share one memorable experience. "I lost my faith but I found it again in the Cocke County Jail," Dress said.

Man pulled gun at church AA meeting, charged with assault

Author: 69 News, news@wfmz.com POTTSTOWN, Pa. - A man was arrested Wednesday after police said he pulled a gun at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Robert Ortgiesen was taken into custody at his home on Annette Dr. in Limerick Twp., Montgomery Co., and charged with assault, police said. A man told police Ortgiesen, 47, pulled the gun after an argument outside St. John's Church on Church St. in Pottstown, according to court documents. He said Ortgiesen then followed him inside the church. Ortgiesen allegedly made a threat and then left in his car.

Could LSD be revived as alcoholism treatment?

Could LSD be revived as alcoholism treatment? LSD, the 1960s-era psychedelic drug that fuelled the early years of North American counterculture and hippies, is being recommended for further study as a treatment for severe alcohol abuse. Researchers in Norway have completed a "meta-analysis" — a study of six other studies done between 1966 and 1970 — and concluded that "a single dose of LSD, in the context of various alcoholism treatment programs, is associated with a decrease in alcohol misuse." The results were published online Thursday by the Journal of Psychopharmacology.

The word is spreading. "Non 12 step treatment is often the best option for patients struggling with chemical dependency"

"Pioneer of non 12 step recovery model Dr. Akikiur Mohammad encourages public to research treatment options thoroughly." "[Dr. Akikur Mohammad] announced today that the overwhelming surge in popularity of Inspire Malibu is due to his team's focus on treating the disease of addiction with evidence-based protocol, a pure respect for the science of addiction and a truly individualized, holistic approach to addressing the critical therapeutic needs of their clients."

Good news about speaking @ Hospitals and Institutions

I have good news. Since the only requirement alcoholics anonymous is a desire to stop drinking (and the only requirement for narcotics anonymous is a desire to stop using drugs), I've decided to do H&I service work and speak at these institutions to share my experience strength and hope as a recovering person with substantial clean time. My first speak will be next Thursday evening :=)

Twelve Ways to Tell the Difference Between Your Sponsor and Your Therapist.

I just sent this to my personal counselor and thought I'd share it here. I am copy/pasting it from the Orange Papers. Am I correct, this is a newsletter from AA in Illinois? "Along the same lines, the Northern Illinois Area Service Newsletter gave us this sneering piece of anti-intellectual propaganda that tells us that an ordinary A.A. sponsor is much better than a professional therapist:" Twelve Ways to Tell the Difference Between Your Sponsor and Your Therapist. 1. Your sponsor isn't all that interested in the "reasons" you drank.

Treatment Center Offers Non 12-Step Treatment Programs for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

I LOVE this article (Ad)! Especially the first few sentences. It appears as if more people are FINALLY starting to notice that 12 Step is NOT the only or best way to treat addictions. "Prominence Treatment Center is now offering personalized and unique treatments for those that would like to steer clear of catch-all therapy programs."

New pill which makes alcoholics want to drink less.

I find all aspects to recover from addiction interesting, and regardless of how good or bad medications to treat addiction turn out to be, I am happy to see that there are scientific approaches to treated this illness taking place. I am NOT advocating any medications by posting this article. "Scientists have for the first time developed a pill that makes alcoholics want to drink less, bringing fresh hope to those who struggle with addiction.

Man charged with killing AA mentor

HE WAS a former alcoholic who had turned his life around to become a full-time volunteer, bike builder and environmentalist. But John Foss, a ''brilliantly funny, crazy bon vivant'' who moved from Sydney to the mid-north coast six years ago, allegedly still fell victim to the tragic effects of the addiction on people. A member of Alcoholics Anonymous driving a white van allegedly mowed down Mr Foss, an AA volunteer, as he rode his motorised bicycle along Coolamon Scenic Drive in Mullumbimby on Tuesday.

For those that remember Bob Ryder, AA and alleged murderer....

For those that remember Bob Ryder (the AA that allegedly murdered a female (possible) prostitute) last fall, you may be interested to know that his trial starts this coming May.

Norman B. Smith won't be considered for a liver transplant unless he attends AA.

Man Denied Liver Transplant for Using Prescribed Marijuana: “Probably Too Late for Me” Friday, March 02, 2012 Norman Smith (photo: Americans for Safe Access) Norman B. Smith, the 63-year-old cancer patient at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles who was denied a liver transplant because he used medical marijuana, says in a new interview that it’s probably too late for him to make a recovery even if he could get the surgery he needs.

Woman arrested for harassment at Kent AA meeting

By STEVE HUNTER Kent Reporter Courts, government reporter January 26, 2012 · 12:21 PM Kent Police arrested a woman for investigation of harassment after she reportedly interrupted an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting Jan. 17 in the 300 block of Third Avenue South. An officer heard a female yelling from just south of the Kent Police Station and went with another officer to investigate, according to the police report.

The Twelve Biggest Secrets of Alcoholics Anonymous

I thought I'd start discussions on this "chapter" of the Orange Papers. Since we've been disussing different aspects of this recently I won't go in order that Orange has them listed. "A.A. flat-out lies when it says it is a program of rigorous honesty; it is just the opposite — a program of rigorous dishonesty": http://orange-papers.org/orange-secrets.html


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