Step 4-"Made a searching and fearless MORAL inventory of ourselves"

The 4th Step isn't about finding out about why you used. It's about acknowledging your "sinful" behavior for which of course you will need a subsequent confession and prayer/petitioning for forgiveness and a miracle.
It has NOTHING to do with self-analysis in terms of learning better life skills, etc....

Smoke and mirrors my friend, smoke and mirrors......

Oh, but there's nothing even remotely religious going on here, right? Hmmmmmmm

Fuck the dope pushing USA satanic propaganda Government

Clinton and the congress knowingly presided over the heroin epidemic caused by the US/CIA in Afghanistan. No news = Propaganda news.

A heroin epidemic is on fire all across America. Heroin deaths shot up from 1,779 in 2001 to 10,574 in 2014 as Afghan opium poppy fields metastasized from 7,600 hectares in 2001 (when the War in Afghanistan began) to 224,000 hectares currently.

Amnesia,Death,Sinestra Knife In Anti-AA

A man arranges a killing.When it goes wrong-forgets was his idea
blames everyone else.
Maybe for my questions-my"freedom of Speech" will end
LFOD-told Gunnie"If you want returned to you,
you can have it." Response"No,I don't want it"
Was LFOD removed cause "Gunnie broke down when
LFOD STOLE HIS SITE." fREE from responsibility for his actions
we can blame LFOD????
Leaving AA-Massive-viley,vulgarly attacked by Gunnie.
result= if this is what I get for my 2 years effort,making

Charles Manson and the "Power of Now"

Looks like Manson preached the eternal present, and the "power of Now." before Echardt. Tolle.
Maybe Oprah should give him a book deal.

Article on Denial

The Washington Post has published a very interesting article on denial. And it is apparently the introduction of a new movie about denial. The article discusses four causes of denial, and describes how people band together in groups that share irrational fact-free beliefs. One of the three speakers who were questioned in the article even mentioned Alcoholics Anonymous as a group that uses meetings to mutually reinforce beliefs.

An interesting read. I'll have to see the movie, or buy the DVD.

The Nazi obsession

Why do so so many posters on this website seem obsessed with Nazis? Not only did Hitler and the Nazi party NOT have a monopoly on Evil (everybody else throughout creation -except me, Janus and Jim Battle- being saints)....he also died in 1945.

Latest review of "12 Steps to Dead"

"This book is a very tough read. While it is a work of fiction, it describes people and situations (in overwhelmingly graphic detail!) that are all too real, that serve as THE mindset, and by-product of AA groups! This book is unquestionably an overwhelming HORROR NOVEL, and describes people and situations that make Stephan King's books, look "PG-13" by comparison! This book should be to the ANTI-AA movement and mindset what the "Big Book" is to "pro" AAers!

3 people OD at West Palm Beach County (Ghetto "my interpretation) in one week on South Federal Highway in Lake Worth AA Area 15 District 8

In yet another string of OD's in sober homes in West Palm Beach in West palm Beach county, 3 sober home participants over dosed in one week. For those not familiar with Sober Homes they are set up as holding areas for addicts and mentally ill people until they can be placed in more main stream concentration camps such as Hazelden for around $1000 a day. Sober homes are more like the Ghettos that charge about $500 to a $1000 dollars a month for those that can not afford $1000 a day, do not have insurance or other things.

Does anyone have any statistics on how many Addicts/Alcoholics die in Detox or Rehab? We know it only has a 5% success rate. What happens to the other 95%?

Just wndering? We hear about a lot of people dying in sober home ghettos and people dying in 28 day wilderness camps and rehabs, Are there any statistics on these numbers, or are they hidden from the public and don't make major news headlines?

Knee-growes Rapes Whiite Wimmens/ 4/20

ealy 1900's-to secure paassage of
the propangda movie REEFER MADNESS was created by
Aanslinger Inc.-Vee Musht Ban this Marijuana-Cannibas
because KNEE-GROEWSS smokes thees druh then
they ist rapes whiite wimmens-
For the sake of our white wimmens {same as 1 reason for
Civil WAR}}} vee musth stop thee growth of thees KILLER WEED
Amazing FACT- farmers growing HEMP for oil,cloth,paper were
SHOCKED when Anslinger/gunslinger arrived at they's farms
and told them HEMP was now ILLEGAL

Seeing as there as so many Nazi obsessives on this site....

You may find this article interesting. If someone had 12 Stepped Hitler, the history of the 20th century may have been quite different.

Ig Nobel Prize awarded to study of bullshit

Thus, bullshit, in contrast to mere nonsense, is something that implies but does not contain adequate meaning or truth. This sort of phenomenon is similar to what Buekens and Boudry (2015) referred to as obscurantism (p. 1): “[when] the speaker... [sets] up a game of verbal smoke and mirrors to suggest depth and insight where none exists.”

Why doesn't AA "work"?

AA doesn't work because there's nothing To work. It fails 95% of those who walk in the doors and leave within a year and those 5% that make up the "old timer" living dead aren't "recovered" because according to the cult itself, you will always be "recovering" "one day at a time" for ETERNITY, contingent on being a lifetime drone.
There is no finality, no EXIT plan and no so called recovery.

A state religion.(Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous)

Refer to my last blog post about Shoemaker calling for a Government -State Supervision of Religion.

I recall reading about the U.S. founding fathers that were pro religious control. They recognized however, that pushing religion would cause citizens to push back and decided to try and incorporate religious values in other ways.

Article from: American Atheist Magazine | March 22, 2003 | Russell, Kevin | Copyright

The emotionally flat response of many aa apologists

The emotionally flat response of many aa apologists is why aa apologist don't get angry at aa.

recoveringfromrecovery is a good example. he knows that aa lies about its recovery rate while it dominates the recovery industry, which obviously abuses vulnerable people. yet recoveryingfromrecovery is not upset nor does he have any anger about aa abuse. obviouusly recoveryingfromrecovery is emotionally ill, he presents with inauthentic emotional characteristics.

Shoemaker Calls for State Supervision of Religion

As similar as the OG is with AA and how close Sam Shoemaker was to AA's founding, it looks like his call for a "supervised" state religion came true. Remember, there are no coincidences.............

From an online pdf. 1936 Newsletter, The Presbytarian Guardian


Shoemaker Calls for State Supervision of Religion

Proof AA does not work

So, I was waiting at the Bus stop, trying to catch a bus today. About 2 short blocks aways, is where they have one of those everyday AA meetings at 5PM. While I was there I saw an older guy I recognized from AA, chugging a pint of Vodka, on the main Ave, in broad daylight. He did try to turn his face in to the store Window while he was doing it, but I caught him while I was getting out of my car. He looked like he was on his way to the Meeting, where all the bums hang out.

Why Alcoholics Anonymous targets the low lifes of Society

Simple answer is that they are easy targets. The Benedict Arnold of the faux Anti-AA site in London doesn't believe in using history (he calls them conspiracy theories) the thing is that the study of history is to prevent prior tragedies from happening. again. I guess he doesn't believe that England was the 2nd main cause of slavery in the US and that they used the main English Jamestown, NJ colony to import and sell these slaves. I guess he doesn't have the intelligence to learn from history which prevents things like this from happening again...

The blindingly obvious explanation as to why AA may seem 'cult-like'

One of the defining characteristics of a person who suffers from addiction is a tendency toward obsessiveness. This is particularly true when it comes to activities that alter their mood and makes them feel good. The rooms are therefore populated by people who are much more obsessive than the average person. This includes the people in the rooms who founded AA. Not surprisingly therefore, this obsessive flavour has become part of AA.

You aren't as smart as you think you are

Interesting article about beliefs and how being presented with evidence that your beliefs are actually wrong merely makes you more entrenched in your position. As if we didn't already know - arguing with people online about their beliefs is a complete waste of time:

People only really change their minds through direct experience - not by having 'facts' thrown at them.

Heroin supply adulterated with carfentanil

The NYT reports that the heroin supply is now adulterated with fentanyl and carfentanil, and the carfentanil is so potent that a snow-flake-sized piece of it is enough to overdose a man.

Is AA a Cult? Excellent Article

Is Alcoholics Anonymous a Cult?
An Old Question Revisited

© L. Allen Ragels
All Rights Reserved

The “alcoholism cult.” That’s what Sheldon Bacon, for many years the director of the Rutgers Center for Alcohol Studies, called overly avid supporters of Alcoholics Anonymous.[1]

The most idiotic claim that AA makes is it is an upside down pyramid. First off the individual

The most idiotic claim that AA makes is it is an upside down pyramid. First off the individual groups do not publish and print the prospect instruction manuals of the Big Book or the 12&12. In fact the adjunct books of Living Sober and the International magazine of propaganda commonly called the Grapevine is not published or printed by the individual groups in AA. They are propaganda and prospect instruction manuals published and printed by the high priest/priestess at the Interchurch Center on 475 Riverside Drive in NYC.



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