Robin Williams -- Parkinson’s Disease

In light of the disclosure today that Robin Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s Disease, it would seem that Janus’s cold, callous, disrespectful, unkind and intrinsically stepper cult-serving speculation yesterday that “... Robin Williams' financial crisis, not to mention his fading career and lifelong depression held responsible for his death...” was as premature and off-base as it was all the other things I’ve called that speculation. As I said earlier, great self-revelation job, Janus. Anything to save stepper cult face, as always...

Should We Say "Rest In Peace" When Someone Commits Suicide?

Here is why I believe that Rolf's "RIP Mork" message is very dangerous. RIP means "Rest In Peace". Rolf obviously believes that Robin Williams has escaped his depression (and all other problems) by committing suicide. However, this (indirectly) encourages others to believe that they too can escape all of their problems the same way.

I know that Rolf is saying that what Robin did is a very sad thing, and I agree. However, I would not encourage others to do the same by sending the message that this is a way to find everlasting peace.

Inventory Taking

Inventory taking is not supposed to be an exercise in self-flagellation. An inventory is simply a list of what is there.

When you take an inventory of the contents of your house you simply list what is there - bookcase, chairs, table etc. You don't beat yourself up about how ugly your bookcases or hate yourself because your chairs are cheap. People who are prone to beat themselves up will of course find any excuse to do so. Something they could put on their inventory is 'a tendency to beat myself up. The process should be done with detachment.

1952 News: Bill Wilson brings amazing spiritual experience.

Buffalo Courier Express, May 31, 1952

Norman Vincent Peale tells the story about Bill Wilson's "strange power" to cure alcoholism.

"That man in Brooklyn was un-
known then; he is famous now as
'Bill,' the founder of Alcoholics
Anonymous. He talked to my friend
from the waterfront about his theory
that people who had been through
the same problem could help each

And then Bill said, "but, most
important, you have got to put your
trust in a Higher Power."

Robin Williams

I sadly note the passing of Robin Williams, dead from suicide. Now there is another guy who
had major drug and alcohol problems, and he seemed to have beaten them, but didn't beat the depression.
Chronic depression is a major problem for so many, from Bill Wilson to Robin Williams.

"Secular and Sober: Beating Alcoholism Without AA" Ellenbeth Wachs Anti-AA activist. March 2011 - 78,681 views as of Aug. 13, 2014

Uploaded on May 1, 2011

(note: this video was originally released in March 2011 as part of the "In Your Words" series. It has been re-formatted, re-titled and re-uploaded for greater accessibility to viewers relating to the issues of substance abuse and the relevance of Alcoholics Anonymous.)

Does Alcoholics Anonymous provide help and hope to addicts, or is the constant reliance on a Higher Power a crutch to keep the addicted from finding true solutions.

Video Clip Shows A Famous God-hating Scientist Lying About Jesus Christ

Richard Dawkin's (a scientist and very popular God-hater) wrote a Book called "The God Delusion". In this book, he wrote that historians are arguing over whether or not Jesus actually existed. However, Professor John Lennox told him that he had talked to the historians and that this is not true. Professor Lennox then asked him why he would write something like this (knowing it wasn't true).

AA + Sobriety = Sobriety

If the path to sobriety is to abstain from alcohol while going to AA and practicing the steps, then what is AA adding to the equation. Zero.


Now that the facts have emerged about Robin Williams' financial crisis, not to mention his fading career and lifelong depression should AA be held responsible for his death?

Sharon says that "Jim Babble's links are FULL of viruses." For which of the following reasons is she telling this lie.

A) - Because "Jim Babble" deserves it.
50% (3 votes)
B) - Because she is afraid that someone might read what "Jim Babble" is writing and find out it is true.
17% (1 vote)
C) - Because she thought that "Jim Babble" would not find out since he does not read her comments.
0% (0 votes)
D) - Both B and C.
33% (2 votes)
E) - All of the above.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 6

Robin Williams

I liked Robin Williams and I hope he at last finds the peace he deserves. Sadly missed across the world

What makes Anti Stepper Cult people LEAVE this forum?

NoAAUK's rabid exposure of the false stepper cult
30% (3 votes)
The constant bickering and insults by Anti Steppers directed at other Anti Steppers
60% (6 votes)
Alternative cult promotional posts by steppers
10% (1 vote)
Total votes: 10

God, "Recovery", and Science

We have all heard of "evolution" (the idea that man came from an ape-like creature). This is also called "macro-evolution". However, it is not really science. It is simply a religious belief that is presented as science. Why? To trick people (like AA does) into accepting their religious beliefs. And there are thousands of real scientists with PhDs who know that evolution is not true. However, because most people (wrongly) believe that most scientists are looking for the truth they believe whatever most scientists say.

CAFETY (Community Alliance for the Ethical Treatment of Youth) website hacked August 9, 2014. New hosting has been quickly put in place. Help to stop the proliferation of Child Gulags and spread the word that CAFETY is still up and running.

Currently the main website of has been hacked by unknown individuals and is down. During this temporary outage all queries have been sent to their Facebook page of The following is from their twitter account asking for help.

Community Alliance @CAFETY · Aug 9

Website hacked down, you can help us bring it back up! If you believe we should keep going, please help keep us...

Why I will never respond to a Jim Battle post? again?

Why? I wish to remain sober. Those who respond to jim battle will most likely get drunk. Why? Its because you cant make a simple decision?. Soberman

The Strange Death of Sam Kinison (The Famous Comedian, Ex-Cocaine Misuser, and Ex-Preacher)

There are several articles on different websites that tell this strange story of the famous Sam Kinison's death. I recommend you read the whole story but here is the part I want to share: "On Friday April 10, 1992 about 7:30 pm, Kinison and his wife were driving in a Pontiac Trans-am from Los Angeles to Laughlin, Nevada where he was going to perform before a sold out audience. He was sober and drug free. Behind his car was his brother Bill and two other assistants in a van with Kinison’s dog.

Robin Williams: What Does the Word of God Have to Say?

Without Christ, Robin Williams may have been powerless over devils (evils spirits) IF one or more was speaking to him in his mind, (Acts 5:3; Luke 11:24-26). And, according to the Word of God, he WAS living a life of surrender, which the Word of God calls "yielding", (Romans 6:13). He was surrendering to "unrighteousness", which means he was surrendering to doing things that he should not have been doing, (Romans 6:13). So maybe he DID need to hear a message of powerless, but not over drugs and alcohol.

RIP Mork-A sad day that maybe didn't have to go down that way?

Robin Williams' tragic death which at this point would appear to be from his own hands is just so sad that no words can truly convey the magnitude of the talent that we just lost.

In what seems to be a disturbing trend, this horrific event took place just a few short weeks after Robin had sought help with addictions and the depression that accompanied them.
He had just spent time at one of the most renowned 12 Step in-patient facilities in the world, Hazelden.

Attention: Jim Babble

Beware of Criticizing Others

Judge not, that you be not judged —Matthew 7:1

Jesus Christ Is Against the Codependency/Recovery Movement

(Adapted from the book titled "Twelve Steps To Destruction" with the permission of the authors). Considering how many people are attempting to cope with unsatisfactory relationships and difficult situations, the potential market for self-help books and codependency/recovery treatment is astronomical. The list of books on codependency/recovery grows along with those dealing with so-called addictions. They are popular best-sellers in Christian bookstores as well as in general bookstores. Evidently something is there. Something is wrong. People are looking for answers.

Can I Let This Go?

I had a heart to heart with my husband this morning and he totally gets it, he totally understands that, while I could deal with him putting his sobriety above everything, I couldn't deal with him putting AA above me, our family, his career, even his own needs. He said he felt anxiety when I was in Al-Anon because he felt like he had no control -- that the organization might change me in some way that he didn't like. That my involvement might lead to me becoming someone he couldn't relate to, or even to us separating.

Time to return to exposing the stepper cult

Although its been fun insulting ben and I have to admit I am starting to enjoy it (must be starting to get as sick as him) there's still too many vulnerable stepper cult victims to try and help deprogram (albeit 'rabidly'). I say again although it has been fun ben, I must get back to my brand of boringly repetitive exposing of the stepper cult for the lying, fear-mongering, predatory, coercive cult that it is. I just wish somebody had exposed this cult 30 years ago......sure would have saved me a lot of pain and stopped me wasting my life.

What 12 Step group was ben a member of

Alcoholics Anonymous
0% (0 votes)
Narcotics Anonymous
0% (0 votes)
Insulters Anonymous
100% (2 votes)
Total votes: 2

Tricks, Lies, and "Dumb Logic" (Part 2)

Most scientists actually believe that billions of years ago "nothing" exploded and created everything, including you and me. What a ridiculous thing to believe and teach. However, if most scientists say that something is true many people will believe it no matter how ridiculous it is. Believing that "nothing" can explode is like believing that "no one" wrote what you are reading right now - that the words just appeared all by themselves out of nowhere. Nevertheless, this crazy idea that "nothing" created everything is in public school textbooks. Why?

Why Let Facts Get In the Way Of An Entertaining Conspiracy Theory?

I decided to do some research. It took about 5 minutes to discover that the information being disseminated on this forum regarding the link between The Oxford Group and AA is incorrect.

Seriously Jim

Do you really think it's a fair thing to spam the forum? Do you really think god approves of what your doing? Is God ok with the lies you practice? Do you really think your setting a good christian example?

God As We Understand Him Bless Al-Anon

Eventhough I hate it. And, by the way, I’m finally out. (Someone from the meeting took pity on me and took over my commitment.) It took about a week of me going to Al-Anon for my husband to begin to question 12-Step. Who were these people I was spending all this time with? (Just people like me who need help, dear). Why did I need to go every day and leave him alone to watch the kids? (I’m in recovery just like you and I need support and spiritual enlightenment). What is hell is codependence? (It’s a disease just like your alcoholism, and the whole family has it!) Who is Mariah?


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