Al Gore/Sociology-Addictions

Between the most basic and primative prt of our brain ,responsible for bodily functiond and instinct
and the last structure within the brain to evolve,the part responsible for abstract thought and
known as the NEOCORTEX, is teh huge portion of our brain that governs emotion,called the LIMBIC SYSTEM.
In a very real sense ,the idea that human beings can function as disembodied intellects translates
into the absurd notion that the functions of the NEOCORTEX are the only workings of our brains
that matter. ...
How can we concentrate purely on abstract thinking when the rest of our brain floods our awareness
with feelings,emotions and instincts? ...
But the cleavage between mind and body,intellect and nature,has created a kind of psychic pain at the very root of the modern mind,making it harder for anyone who is suffering from other psychological wounds to be healed.
Indeed,it is not unresonable to suppose that members of a civilization that allows or encourages
this cleavage will be relatively more vulnerable to those mental disorders characterized by a skewed
relationship betewwn thinking and feeling. ...
Mosst people respond to psychic painthe way they respond to any pain:rather than confront its source,they recoil from it,looking immediately for ways to nescape or ignore it.One of the most effective strategies
for ignoring psychic pain is to distract oneslef from it,to do soemthing so pleasureable or intense or otherwise abosbing that the painis forgotten.As a temporary strategy,this kind of dsitraction isn't necesarily destructive,but dpendence on it over a long term becomes dangerous and ,finally ,some sort of addiction.Indeed it can be argued that every addiction is caused by an intense and continuing neeed
for distraction from psychic pain.Addiction is DISTRACTION...
Anyone who is unusually fearful of something -- intimacy,failure,loneliness--is potentially
vulnerable to addiction,because psychic pain cause a feverish hunger for distraction....
{Al Gore is devout Catholic}
Evidence of this spiritual loss abounds.mental illness in its many forms is at endemic levels,especially
among children.The three leading causes of DEATH among adolescents are drug-and alcohol related accidents,suicide,and homocide. ...
The false promise at the core of addiction is teh possibility of experiencing the vividness and immediacy of real life without having to face the fear and pain that are also part of it. ...
bUT THE promise is always false because the hunger for authenticity remains.
and deaening routine become increasingly incompatible,discordant and dissonant with the natural harmony
that entrains the misic of life.As the dissonance grows morre violent and the clashes more frequent,
peaks of disharmony become manifest in sucessive crises,each one more destructive than the last.
The disharmony in our relationship to the earth ,which stems in a large part from our ADDICTION to a pattern of consuming ever larger quantities of the esources of the earth,is now manifest in successive
crises,each marking a more destructive clash between our civilization and the natural world...
Some theorists aruge that what MANY ADDICTS are trying to hold at bay is a profound sense
of POWERLESSNESS.addicts often display an obsessive need for absolute CONTROL over those few things
that satisfy their craving.This need derives from,and is inversely proportional to the sense of
HELPLESSNESS they feel toward the real world-whose spontaniety and resistance to their efforts at CONTROL are threatening beyond their capacity to endure.
The bulwark of denial isn't always impenetralbe,owever.In the advanced stages of addiction,
when the destructive nature of the patern becomes so overhwelmingly obvious that addicts find if increasingly difficult to ignore the need for change,a sense of resignation sets in. ...
It's too late ,we think ;there's o way out.
But that way spells disaster,and recovery is possible.With addiction,an essential element in recovery is a willingness on the part of addicts to honestly confront the real pain they ahve sought to avoid.Rather than distracting their inner awareness through behavour,addicts must learn to face their pain--feel it,thinkit,absorb it own it.Only then can they begin to deal honestly with it instead of running away.
So too our realtionship with the earth may never be healed until we are willing to stop denying the destructive nature of teh current pattern.
"Earth in the Balance" by al Gore.pgs 218-225


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Last night at one o"best clubs"in town.Dirty/subfloor Coyote girls,overpriced
gouged $5 for bucket o ice.Seeeing how desperately whe wanted someone to notice ehr
see me.I am different .I AM UNIQUE.THERE'S NOONE ESLE LIKE ME.
even if it meant getting into fight w.other girls
wanting so much for someoen to notice ehr and ingoring how desperately
I want ehr to notice me
Some will sayOMH you should not put this on internet
Trolls will attack this
Getfeaking real.Trolls don;t care about LOVE/LOVE MEANS NOTHING TO TROLLS
just egoes and HATRED.LIES AND GAMES
SO SCREW THE TROLLS AND my feelings o love for Yo.Just seeing
how necesary it is to have someone validate existance een when destructive validation
Look at me/I am alive see me.olding on so hard workign so much
to reach that place of feeling lvoed and cared for"
"No money no friends." how often has someone drinking said that
If I have booze/drugs=I have friends.
well this thread is not attacks but just how world we livein creates
addictions and earth is in the balance of debate.
for those who have HUGE PROBLEMS WITH WORDS
if words bother you/may I sugest you ahve deeper needs/exacerbated
disorders besides the words addict and addiction but rather your
own denial of psychological disorders
"We can create living HELL on EARTH OR LEARN TO WORK TOGETHER."
Lighthouse in mtns/needing Lords love.


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it's in not knowing WTF is up. I posted this a while back and it says pretty much the same thing.....
It’s not that we feel powerless over whether or not we can choose to use or not to use. The feeling of powerlessness comes from our inability to understand where our inner turmoil, pain and suffering is coming from. It is that pain that the self-preservation mode of our primal brain is programmed to combat. It seeks to end the suffering by whatever method is available without considering any kind of end game ramifications. It doesn’t care, it wants relief and it wants it now. Its job is to protect you from threats immediately. Like fight or flight it works on auto-pilot for survival.
The powerless feeling comes from not knowing what the fuck is up and why.
Now if you add to all of this, an attempt to tame the dysfunction by surrendering your will and it doesn’t work……..then what? An even greater feeling of powerlessness because now you have been conditioned to believe that the ONLY way that works, doesn’t work for you. What’s left? OBLIVION and sadly, sometimes…..WORSE.

Life is a variety of pressures. Air, food, other humans, .....suffering and the desire for happiness that caused it....and the eternal “W’s”. Take a deep breath and fill in the dot’s with anything you desire. Here is how I see it.

If you attempt light a human being on fire or suffocate one then you may suffer your own demise at their hands.

Human beings will eat each other.

Human beings like kernoodeling and will take these risks in order to succeed at breeding.

Health, power, skill and guile are the tools of gene selection. Everybody gets their own kit, They go from empty box to Thor’s hammer.

You will use your tools or die whether you want to or not.

Life exists in a state of infinite demand and limited resources.

You will be robbed

You will be judged by others.

You will feel pain.

You will die.

This is enough pressure to kill over. The only thing that moves is the line and it never stops moving. We are designed by natural selection (evolution) to be the best that the planet can offer. This has and always will require “Thinning of the Herd”. You have seen it happen. You always hear the horsemen (great symbol eh?) on the horizon. They are the horizon. Depressed yet?

The gypsies, prophets and scoundrels make their keep by knowing these realities. They have translated them into three laws.

Everybody feels pain.

Everybody wants something.

Everybody misses someone.

They produce and market these items.

They fill the empty spaces in your tool box.

That is the hole that alcohol and drugs get poured into.

Followed by sex.

Followed by idol worship.

The only power that we have over this is wisdom. It is considered an esoteric practice learned by rote, repetition a carrot and a stick. We work better as a team, wisdom grows apart from an individuals portion.

Whether or not you sell your time to a cult of salvation is rhetorical thinking, you already have. Don’t mistake that as singling out one religious, political, economic, social or whatever cult. It is ubiquitous in all groups of three or more.

May your herd be thick, your crops bountiful and your heart grateful.

It's all you're ever going to have.

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Gore points out that life/addictions do not happen in a VACUUM
TENETS OF AA is step#4/all your problems are caused
Built in/from this natural selection of breeders/BIRTH
BORN with desire for HAPPINESS/it's not the cause of suffering
then protect it and watch it grow
Gore's also pointing to POWERLESSNESS
as outgrowth of modern living/pressure to ignore feelings
and as AA says "think,think,think/don't feel just life in NEOCORTEX
Ignore your feeling suchas DESIRE FOR HAPPINESS
did anyone teach you that pain hurts and you should not like it
or is it built in that we mostly/outside the bedroom/
do not like pain/we like pleasure not pain
Many interpret Buddhas teachings with Christian viewpoint
Buddha did not say to avoid your desire for happiness
Simply put /look inside and find SAMADHI.
In SAMADHI is ultimate bliss,joy,happiness w/detechment from death
pains of old age etc/the shit tht life throws at us
Also for anyone suffering from OCD./perecived illusion of needing to
life offers frustration as best things/laughter/love/friendship
are all SPONTAINEOUS happenings and can't be controlled
Realizing how impossibel CONTROL IS, the OCD's respond with immense
suffering/ avoid=distract themselves from pain of being unable
to exert control over others and life itself=finding distract
from inability to acheive { illusion of}} need to control
some are healthy/obsessive reading, studying,doing taichi for 4-8 hours in one day or daily
something set as my goals when I finally find good hypnotherapist
but other distractions are alcohol,drugs,sick violent behaviours.Negative results
also masochism/sadism ec extremes of behaviour
like dropping boiling hot water on my foot /angry and hurting myself
{until morning /take pills and sleep/then hospital}
Modern times ahve changed some of ancient theories about
natural selection to include superior mind/abilities to exert control
in such a way as to ahve succcessful business w/necessary funds to ahve best Dr's
Survival includes having access to best medical care.
Anyways hope I've written something that will evoke comments
as believe it's time to focus on anti-AA and how to heal from whatever caused
negative addictions/cures/treatments/changes that create
successful happy life
Lighthouse in mtns/sleep/if pain meds allow/hospital in morning
damn but despise this subconscious masochism hurting me-self when I'm angry.


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seeking/needing only happiness leads to tolerance/more need -> abuse

the only thing we have to fear; is man himself. CGJung

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at lot of inner truth can be learned [more safely] from a drug "addiction"
than by lusting after real life insatiable materialism(s)

the only thing we have to fear; is man himself. CGJung

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What Goe's saying expalins why AA needs Sponsorship.
When OCD'/CONTROL FREAKS encounter life
and experience life has spontaniety and resists control
they turn to booze and drugs/for the OCD -being unable to ahve
not primitave part o brain but the EMOTIONS hurt
Feeling one'self in danger/OMG I need need need to have CONTROL
then response is not from primitive part o brain
LIMBIC SYSTEM /which so much effort is made to IGNORE
Emotions stirred up.fear o intimacy/failure/being alone
tHESE area ll from the LIMBIC SYSTEM not the primitive
NEOCORTEX/unique/not what's"Oh yeah .Dtuhh I already said
exactly this yeah.I is be already has been done said theis
NO cONTROLF REAKS need outlets which allow them to ahve CONTROL
Why in AA does avryone encounter OBEY ME OBEY ME OBEY ME
mAJORITY of AA and substance abusers suffre from OCD
Seeing how OPF WARS ahve evolved/alwys it has been about CONTROL
I want all to see me as being more o a GURU than Orange or more than
'so & so is/don't listen to him/ha ha ha he's wrong
listen to me I know it ALL/GURUS seeking not Enlightenment but CONTROL
AA offers control freaks aCONTROLLED EVIRON to further extend their circle/range o CONTROL
What's suprising in Gore's comments is that feelig which
AA builds from POWERLESSNESS is not neocortex/but is in the LIMBIC SYSTEM
When feelings are so out o sinc w/life w/reality then only drugs/alcohol/
ADDICTIONS allow distortion o reality to continue .with addictive behaviour
need is to seperate from REALITY to see life as EVIL/BAAD/too difficult to
have happiness/joy /peace love LIGHT to enjoy life rather than trying to CONTROL IT.
Too difficult to accept life is gift/wonderful/awesome/fantastic/incredible
So let's feeder drain this into others and have them join in hiding from LIFE
come to our meetings and we will offer a safe/sorta safe place to hide
HIDE FROM LIFE/hide from reality as you're a sinner and life is baaahd.
Control freaks will go to where they can exert CONTROL
whether it be a FORUM TO TAKE CONTROL OF or anAA group /police work
Govt but where Ever they ahve access to power and CONTROL
Gore's comments explain why society needs to change
patterns of consumption and denial must change/throughout SOCIETY
Lighthouse in mtns alwyas waking up more.