Organisation of the Anti Stepper Movement

I think it is probably time the Anti Stepper Movement went up a gear and became more organised, J has recently posted about this movement needing organisation. Especially with recent events showing a certain amount of dissention in the ranks. I've spoke to Monica about the creation of an Anti Alcoholics Anonymous website or AAA. Rolf Ankermann has also suggested the very same idea. My idea of an AAA website is more of a signposting website that gets amongst the stepper cult websites and redirects potential stepper cult victims to the Orange Papers and similar websites and also signposts prospective victims to alternative proper support groups such as Smart (even if I don't agree with their current policy of censorship). Correct me if I'm wrong but I think Rolf had the idea of deprogramming meetings, I think these may have to come about eventually. I also think the Orange Papers could become the Big Book of AAA with Morerevealed becoming AAA's 12 & 12.

At any rate I agree with J and think it is time the Anti Stepper Movement became more organised and became one, even if we have many differing opinions on many subjects. I think it will be better if we started to act together more, rather than as individuals sniping at the steppers alone.

In my opinion AAA and the Orange Papers and the other websites should work together and AAA would only be a signposting website, perhaps eventually holding deprogramming meetings...who knows. What do others think? At any rate in view of recent events I think its time we lets bygones be bygones, forget about any arguments between ourselves and concentrate on the real enemy, the cult of steppism which has been allowed to dominate the substance misuse sector and prey on vulnerable people much too long.

Together Everyone Achieves More.......TEAM


I've spoke to Monica

I don't agree with their current policy of censorship

Good luck with that.

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If organized, it could be an extremely valuable tool. It could also provide a cohesive community platform. Resources for addiction recovery, deprogramming, alternatives to AA, new book reviews related to recovery related topics, and self-help.

If something like this could be put together, it would be a tremendous resource. While it would be an anti-AA website, I don't think it should exclusively be an AA bashing site or bitch session. There are other resources for that. The OPF is a case in point.

While providing information and support, the website should be a springboard for moving on. That's what it is really ultimately about; healing and moving forward without AA and getting on with your life in a healthy, positive way.

When it comes to this movement, many give back by becoming activists or providing support and information. This website can be the one place to go to get various types of current information.

Noaauk, I truly think it is an awesome idea and hope it can be developed further.

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I want AAA or similar just to be a signposting website to get amongst the stepper sites and sign post potential victims to alternative veiwpoints

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

Can you believe AAA wanted $150 to tow my car? What are they going to do with that money - better be filling up them damn potholes.

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Very much needed. A comprehensive resource for all things that aren't AA. I would call it Alternatives to AA because when some people see the word anti, part of their minds shut off. If you started a site to offer alternatives to religion, calling it Anti-God would alienate a lot of potential members. But that's just me.

I must have hundreds of links to non-AA information, organizational resources, books, therapies, self-help materials, worksheets, etc. I had to comb the web to find it all. Your idea would make it far easier to find such info. Absolutely worth the effort to establish.

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"Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." ~ Nietzsche

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I'd also go along with the word 'Alternatives' in retrospect. The word 'Anti' may well conjure up images of a collection of sad individuals who are constitutionally incapable of being honest and are against an irreproachable organisation that has saved the lives and sanity (?) of millions of people blah! blah! blah! as the general public are falsely led to believe, by a collection of lies, deceptive recruiting and censorship of the truth, instead of a collection of victims who have been harmed by this cult and want to expose this 12 step cancer for the evil that it truly is. AAA is just meant to be a means to infiltrate the stepper cults websites and sigh-post victims to the wealth of alternative websites, videos and points of view that are now beginning to emerge, despite constant censorship, on the web.

'I must have hundreds of links to non-AA information, organizational resources, books, therapies, self-help materials, worksheets, etc. I had to comb the web to find it all. Your idea would make it far easier to find such info. Absolutely worth the effort to establish.'

Exactly, you have hit the nail squarely on the head. I don't see AAA as just being another website exposing steppism and pointing people to healthier scientific and/or religious (if desired) answers to a substance misuse habit. I see an AAA as just a sign posting medium to existing resources and as a means of coordinating the Anti Stepper Movement so that we all act as one and victims can be directed to alternative recourses and hopefully find the genuine help that they need, as opposed to being frightened into becoming members of a self gratifying cult for life. I and others do believe that people WILL vote with their feet (if they are not already doing so) if they at last realise the truth (steppism is just a lying fear mongering cult off shoot of the oxford group) and their are other 'real' alternatives available.

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

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That's a pretty ambitious plan there, NoAAUK. It is by no means unachievable either, but what I was mainly trying to rouse was a sense of cohesiveness and maturity within our own collective. I think there is a real message that is trying to get out about the validity of twelve-step programs and the potential dangers of AA, but I know that we are looked at like a pack of scorn toddlers. It's not just in the petty arguments and name calling, either.

I'm one man, but my opinion is that AA's kryptonite is not just facts, but facts that come from rational people.

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'That's a pretty ambitious plan there, NoAAUK. It is by no means unachievable either,'

I don't think such a plan is unachievable either, in fact I think it will happen one day anyway. I've sat and watched Coronation Street. One of its characters has had a relapse. He does go to a support group that recites the serenity prayer and has sponsors. This TV program does differentiate between an 'alcoholic' and a problem drinker (?) and this program states that alcoholism is a disease (where as many others just see it as a bad habit ) anyway AA is NOT mentioned, and surprisingly God isn't either and at the risk of inciting legal action I'm not going to declare that this is just deceptive recruiting by the stepper cult on a grand scale in the he may well go to some other support group that has sponsors, recites the serenity prayer and declares that he is victim of a disease and may well die of this disease, what I am saying is that the stepper cult will continue to prey on the vulnerable victim with constant lies and fear mongering, using very deceptive recruiting and blatant censorship when it can and these people must love it when the Anti AA Movement fight amongst themselves instead of concentrating our attention and our energies in exposing their dangerous cult.

The steppers must fear the Orange Papers, you can see that on the letters page, how much more will they fear a large scale organised movement aimed at exposing the truth about their cult once and for all, sign posting people to deprogramming options and genuine alternative strategies that combat substance misuse

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

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I think I would go to a AAA referred to as triple A meeting , all inclusive not sanctioned meeting. You would have gamblers druggies sex addicts overeaters all in one place , felt sorry for the overeater when the bag of candy was passed around she freaked never saw her again. So my point is that AAA has already been spoken for.

dorak nob

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Yes AAA would be an organisation that exposed the stepper cult how ever it preyed on victims whether by substance misuse, gambling, people with sex problems.......when ever the satanic cult of steppism reared its ugly head to prey on y=vulnerable victims......then I would want the hand of expose this cult, deprogram its victims and sign post these victims to genuine alternative (non cult) strategies.

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

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seems there's always something in the group platform that is unacceptable to me individually. which is why i promote direct democracy. i notice bat-man "dark knight rises" gave direct democracy a black eye.

the only thing we have to fear; is man himself. CGJung

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People don't have to go to a group, they can join a listserv or even go it alone, I just think steppisms stranglehold on the substance misuse sector could be broken faster if everybody became coordinated, rather than trying to fight individual battles against these people

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

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If energy goes into reating meetings for antiAA help/
to help others w/o AA step ideology/okay
I'll support anything that works to empower
liberate individual from darkness/sadness/problems
Lighthouse in mtns/going inside then hospital.


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U mentioned how you've found hundreds o resources
on net,sites,books.Drs,groups,etc
could you please list some o resources
BLOG POST of how many sources are now mainstream for
antiAA/non 12 therapy/recovery for some o us not so computer literate
and who haven't found all o these sites/books etc??
Sunrose outside now needs to rise inside


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An AAA could point everybody to these alternative resourses

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11