Noise Pollution

I guess adding the O’Jays doing “Backstabbers” was probably supposed to be witty, make a point, deliver a message or some other exceedingly clever thing, but being assaulted by it every time I open up this forum is just noise pollution to me.

Can’t Admin please kill the audio on that thing?


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I will admit, I believed that the auto play of Youtube videos was because of a hack meant to annoy. I have since found out that it is the API (Application Programing Interface) on Youtube itself that has caused this problem. Granted, if you know how to do it you can imbed a video that plays automatically, but I don't think that is what is actually happening now. Originally Youtube set all videos to no auto play by setting the variable "autoplay=0" for all videos to default which means that you have to click on the video to play it. Unfortunately they have changed that to "autoplay=1"on their website. The reasons for this are many and I believe it is to enhance their business model by increasing the number of views.

Time magazine wrote an expose' about it called "How to Block Facebook’s Annoying New Autoplay Video Ads"Here's how to keep the social network usable without abandoning it entirely.
By Matt Peckham @mattpeckhamDec. 17, 2013 which will explain it more. See -

~You can not moderate the truth. Just don't lie, steal or make stuff up out of thin air and expect to get away with it without it being pointed out to you. It's really very simple.~

Agreed, very annoying. I too thought it was due to recent events, it started the same day as the ruckus.

Are you sure JR, that it is a youtube thing?

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Without going into detail, I am 100% positive. You see Youtube by default originally set the autoplay variable to "0" which meant that the video did not play automatically. They have changed the autoplay variable to "1" on their main site which means that is plays automatically. Strangely enough, the same video that is auto playing has been used before (actually by me) to make a point on what was being done. Was it wrong? It depends upon your point of view. I could have set the variable to "1" in the code I embedded, but I didn't. Now it doesn't matter if the embedded code tells you to auto play or not, it happens automatically.The problem is that now the host site (Youtube) has set the default variable to autoplay (i.e. "1) and everyone is having problems with it. The autoplay feature on Android and Iphones is muted, but if you view it it plays as long as you are connected to as WiFi connection (which tells you that Youtube knows if you have connected via the telecom interface or Wifi which in itself should be scarey). Somehow Youtube has been able to identify when a video has been embedded before this change and still uses the default of no auto play which was in place at the time. I believe it has something to do with the header which contains the referrer and the date it was initiated. The web is all a buzz with this if you take the time to look. I believe it will be stopped because of the waste of bandwidth it causes especially because of the limits on bandwidth usage that many telecom based access systems use. It costs people money for things they do not want to hear, but now even viewing the post has consequences. If you access a site with an embedded video now, it auto plays either muted or otherwise and if you are on a plan that only has a certain amount of bandwidth (which most telecom based have) you pay for it.

~You can not moderate the truth. Just don't lie, steal or make stuff up out of thin air and expect to get away with it without it being pointed out to you. It's really very simple.~

N I know that I am working without propper tools, but all the same, AA is going down and there are many that have invested a big part of their lives in it. The government and the insurance companies are coming up short on cash and they are looking for an out on anything that will save them some. The news media will jump when they say frog, that is how it goes. Massive has her film out soon and the CBS thing will play up to it. The rehabs are toast and AA/NA will not be far behind.

There are some on here that want to toot their horn and make a big deal about them selves. And when they get pushed to the side they get all bent out of shape. It is understandable, but there are many of us just trying to get through this life and help our brothers and sisters out if we can. Oh well, have a nice day.