expressing upset personal feelings, does not make OPF "look bad"

in aa everybody walks around with fake smiles
repressing personal upset feelings
only takes their own inventory
anger is called a defect
etc et al

99.999% of the time
when someone says i wish you'd die
its not meant literally
its because they are so upset
that they are using wild words
which expresses deep upset feelings
and we've all said stuff like that

police officers call it jestering
and they won't press charges for it

yes occasionally there are upset feelings here on opf
and sometimes messy language
that makes us more authentically healthy in the end
when people are being honest and real and human

the beatles had messy word fights
everyone does

people who can not tolerate occasional personal arguments
and prefer white wash
or [strictly] staying on topic
remind me of the rigid dogma of "you know what"

i do reject violence, proved slander, and exposing private info merely for undue cruelty
rather than to help someone

imo OPF is as healthy as can be


Did Person In Exile expose Gunthars private information?

Did he then retaliate?

I've seen people do that to himg before, and then make up all manner of excuses for their behavior.

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i think it is helpful for OPF to discuss and understand what happens generally and was is right or wrong.

so far the information is not confirm-able by me but to say it can't be expressed or discussed is possibly denying us all a chance to understand how specific acts can effect us. its not just gossip its how we can sometimes learn to be more healthy and sociable by talking openly which is 99% repressed in aa. there is alot of room for improvement in us all. that will never happen by putting it in "the god box" as a friend in aa always did.... before he committed suicide. imo because he never dealt with stuff ...instead he turned it over. acted polite etc et al aka repressed it all. allowing messy dialog is a sign OPF allows people to deal with messy stuff openly. at first it seems like its bad - but the only way out is through sometimes. this developes and shows real processing and authentic integrity in the end. wharever the

the only thing we have to fear; is man himself. CGJung

No it doesn't. What makes this forum look bad is how it has been taken over by steppers.

Who are the steppers who have taken over this forum?