Censorship, yet again

We are frequently told at stepper cult meetings that the program is infallible its the people who work it wrong. God will miracle a person to stop drinking (but NOT control drinking) if they work a strong program, do His will (?), attend stepper meetings regularly and recruit other vulnerable people into this 12 step thing.

If this stepper version of God really does work miracles on demand for steppers and does miracle away the obsession to drink alcohol, provided the individual 'works '(?) a strong program, attends stepper meetings regularly and recruits other vulnerable people into steppism, why oh! why is there a continual need for censorship of any criticism of this cult by the media, treatment sector, alternatives and general public?

Surely if God did indeed 'miracle' away any need or desire to drink alcohol by working (?) these 12 steps and attending and recruiting for AA, then you would think the stepper promoters would want to 'shout' this from the roof tops rather than employ censorship whenever and wherever possible.

My first question to steppers is why does this stepper version of God, who according to the BB 'has all power' only relieve the obsession to drink alcohol rather than miracle an individual to drink responsibly again?

My second question to steppers is, why do you thrive on so much censorship (at ever level) of steppism?


I have been sober over 44 years. I have watched many alcoholics come to AA meetings or were sent there by the courts.
I have watched 1000's start the 12 step program, get sober, and go out and get drunk.
The truth is that most real alcoholics who come to AA do not stay sober.
It was not because they did not work the 12 steps.
It was because they had the first drink.

I saw this happen over and over.
I found the secret to sobriety.

I Stop trying to work the 12 steps.

I made a decision.

I will never drink again, I will never change my mind.

This is called my "Big Plan.

Take it.

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I can't disagree with that

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

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What a surprise, the steppers decline to answer my questions again

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11