Maybe it's time for a bit of a change

It's been (another) rather hairy time on here for the last few days. I've tried, for the most part, to stay out of it, much to my own surprise as well as anyone else' There was a time when I would have been in the thick of it swinging with everyone else, but doing the same thing all the time gets a bit, well, boring.

The forums been around for 3 years now and, in that time, has probably covered every aspect of the AA-cult problem several times over. Avo posted something recently about having had the same discussions several times over and I tend to agree. Maybe some of the frustration is coming from the fact that the "oldtimers" on here have heard it all before. It's natural to lose interest in something that you've discussed many times but what do you do to replace the boredom? Infighting seems to be the result of this interest vacuum.

Reading through the latest long thread it is glaringly obvious that the saner, more rational approach has been taken by the newer members of the forum - hats off to them. Maybe it's time for the grizzled, battle scarred oldtimers to take more of a back seat in here and let the new blood flourish. I remember what a shear relief this place was when I first found it. It would be a tragedy to deny others such relief.

Just a thought.


Why did you dis-like me so much that first year?

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There have been new books published that are critical of the 12-step status quo in addiction treatment, CBS looks to be working on a piece exposing dangers in XA meetings, there seem to be more articles appearing these days that don't take for granted that 12-step is the best possible answer to addiction; I think there is at least a slight shift toward exposure. The entrenched system has an army to fight this, but the people who find relief on sites such as this can function as the other side in article comment sections.

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Neutrals in the Law, Science, the Treatment Sector, the media and general public are going to have to over come the current widespread censorship and expose this 1930's cult for what it really is

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

Probably a good plan, Ben.

Sometimes as you say, people should take a step back and allow for new life to grow, out of this you will find your inspiration again.
Helps us to see what you see.
Thanks for all you have done, Ben.

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I think its great that newer deprogramed people are ready to expose this steppism thing. I await the day when the Lawyers and media, in fact any neutrals, not just victims, finally come onto our side and this evil finally ends and victims of this cult at last become a thing of the past

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

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It is totally repetitive exposing the stepper cult and it is totally soul destroying going over and over really bad memories that you would much rather forget. I hate hearing of this stepper cult scare mongering and I think its high time these seriously self centred stepper cult promoters were exposed for the menaces to society that they really are by the neutral media on a large scale (as they will be one day soon), but at the moment they still attempt to indoctrinate fresh victims into this cult whenever and wherever they can. The fact remains that the Orange papers, Stinkin thinkin , More Revealed and similar sites and videos helped me to deprogram from this evil and somebody is going to have to continue to expose this cult, until the censorship surrounding these people is finally broken on a grand scale and the general public at last realise exactly what this thing is.

Arguing and sniping at each other is just playing into these cult promoters hands. There's still a long way to go before these people have to finally run for cover and they wont do so if we fight amongst each other

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

1. The alcoholic is not and has never been Powerless.
2..There exist no power, known or unknown who will restore the alcoholic to sobriety.
3. Jesus Christ as God as we understand does not and never did exist.
The Big Plan for sobriety.
I will never drink/drug again I will never change my mind.