How would you describe the Stepper Cult?

Gods message of salvation to mankind, brought to us by His servants Bill Wilson and Doctor Bob Smith
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A self -help group, full of totally beyond reproach individuals, which has saved the lives and sanity of millions of people
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A lying, fear-mongering, coercive, predatory, 1930's cult that uses deceptive recruiting techniques and thrives on censorship
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Other description, please elaborate in comments
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I sorry for repeating myself so often, but I really can't find a simpler, straight to the point way of describing the stepper cult than to say it's a 'lying, fear mongering, coercive, predatory, 1930's cult. that's what it is at the end of the day.

Lying.....powerless over a dead plant and God removing your short coming's? Come on now, pull the other one..its got bells on:-)

Fear do you think it retains any members, not through its vibrant entertainment value that's for sure. You can even hear the fear in the voices of many stepper cult victims. Americans that have been court mandated can testify to that, but so can Brits who have been forced into stepper cult attendance as a condition of them living in a 'half way house.' Who actually pays for these 'half way houses' not the stepper cult I'll bet.

Predatory.....we've all seen and heard the numerous control freaks who infest this cult. The stepper cult provides a endless stream of frightened vulnerable victims for these people to control and fill with billshit. Do I really need to go into sexual predation, we've all seen or heard of it in the stepper cult......13th stepping, do I need to say more?

1930's.....This cult is based on Oxford group dogma, both wison and smith were originally members of this cult before breaking away to form the stepper cult. As far as I know the Oxford Group existed in the 30's, perhaps I'm wrong, its doesn't really matter, that's the beauty of the Anti Stepper Cult, somebody will have the right answer. Anyway the stepper cult officially started when Wilson and smith first met in the 30's

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

disguised as a treatment for addiction.

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Some of us do not consider this as a religious cult, or a least don't consider this cult as anything to do with the real God. Does the real God use lies and fear to enslave people into a cult that screws up minds and cause many to commit suicide? Does the real God use a brainwashing cult full of control freaks and far more sinister predators to frighten victims into becoming His puppet for life, which may well be shortened considerably, depending on how frightened or hopeless the victim feels due to repeated false doctrine? Does the real God use people like Wilson and smith to pass on any message? Can such people as Wilson and smith actually pass on a healthy healing message or create a helpful organisation? Yes I believe there is a Higher Power behind this cult, but this Higher Power is certainly NOT healing or benign.

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

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A Cult of Steppers?

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'A Cult of Steppers?'

You are NOT wrong.....they are a cult......and full of steppers, but probably more full of potential victims which the steppers like to prey on with lies and fear and other perhaps more sinister objectives

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11