What is the most absurd example of a Higher Power or god you have heard at stepper cult indoctrination sessions/meetings?

A rock
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A tree
40% (2 votes)
A light bulb
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A wardrobe
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A TV set
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other, please specify in comments
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I don't think I've actually heard much that wasn't absurd at stepper cult indoctrination sessions/meetings, certainly not from the stepper regulars. The new comers seemed to retain some sanity, that's why I ignored the regulars (after all I'd heard all the BS years before, being co founder of my home group) and listened to the newcomers

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

or perhaps a more honest description would be having a 'group of billwashed people' as a higher power. That is THE most absurd thing I heard from other atheists. Not a very healthy higher power; a door knob could be better?

I've answered this question before at one time a while back, I think. Well- I have a friend Jamie who is still in the program (still a very nice person, and I mostly ignore but wish she would stop attending the meetings).
Jamie's décolleté is her higher power.

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I was told that anything can substitute for my higher power. Even my Teapot.
So much to my embarrassment I will admit, I used to look at that lovely pink and white Teapot sitting in my kitchen press behind a glass door....and ask for help.

Did someone mention the word 'Insanity?'
Or vulnerability?

I had made a decision. A definite, sober, determined decision to cease drinking for good. Not for a day at a time but forever. I was sick of being in trouble and miserable.
Then I went to AA for my family, to speed up the healing process there. To show them I meant business.
It was me who stopped and is me who chooses to stay stopped.
I went to AA for five years and slipped all the time. I have not taken a drink since I got away from it and the people who attend these repetitive (brainwashing) meetings.

It was The fellowship I sought, but what I found was men who wouldn't leave me alone and women who hated me for that.

Now I'm free and life is far from perfect but like I said, I'm free.


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I was brought up Roman Catholic and used a revengeful God as my higher power, but I think asking a teapot for help is no more insane than asking a lawnmower or shed or whatever for help, or using those 12 steps to keep you from drinking or snorting coke:-) You must realise you have gone insane (or somebody has slipped acid in your food) when the teapot starts talking back to you LOL

How the hell did we ever get taken in by that stepper cult/oxford group ? I stopped drinking initially because I believed a vengeful God (not too unlike that version the steppers like to scare fresh victims with) was going to send me to everlasting Hell and Damnation for being drunk all the time. I had been sober a few weeks before I went to AA, on the advice of a well meaning, but ignorant of the true facts of AA, Doctor. I made myself stay sober because I was scared I was going to die and go to Hell, it was my Roman Catholic upbringing that induced me to sober up, not stepper cult BS. Looking back the steppers just introduced much more fear and self loathing into the equation and actually made being sober extremely unpleasant and in reality hindered my initial attempt at sobriety. Even in those early days, when I also believed in a vengeful God, I realised the steppers where much more interested in you becoming a cult member than actually staying sober. It was how many meetings you made in a week that mattered, not how sober you were. In fact I suppose it is better for old timers if other people do relapse.....20 or 30 years sober (or alleged sober) is no good if everybody is claiming it, there's nobody for the old timers to look down on or use to satisfy their own self fulfilling agendas, whatever they may be.

I realise these days that not everybody has a fearful experience of God and many find peace in Christianity, but the stepper cult is run by fear and the only people I know that find what they need in the stepper cult are the control freaks who just like to hear themselves talk. The rest (the victims) live in constant fear and attend the stepper cult because they think they have to, those coerced do HAVE to attend this cult....many at the uninformed Tax payers expense. Thankfully I have little experience of sexual predation, being a not too good looking male, but even I was approached by a gay male for sex, persistently.

I have a different idea of God nowadays, a non judgemental God and no longer believe in everlasting Hell........its a bit over kill for anybody.....for ever is a long long time

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

But did your Teapot brew a good cup of tea? That is the mark of a true Higher Power.

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A GOYOU is your "God Own Your Own Understanding."

The whole god of your own understanding bit is just absolutely ridiculous.

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Watched a wife try to convince her hubby that his leather sandals were a perfectly fine HP. He looked at her like her brains fell on the floor. I agreed with him.

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I have heard of the most bizarre and ridiculous things being a higher power! One of the most weird was a door knob lol. Someone had a tree which seemed to work until it was cut down! I knew someone that used the Group Of Drunks, until most of them died or went out and busted, which caused them to question what their higher power should be! I do like one I have heard on here, the use of a Unicorn as a higher power! Geez I would love to share that at a meeting lol. I think that as ridiculous as it all sounds, the main point of it is for people to have hope! Without hope, living is dull and depressing and lifeless. Whatever rocks a persons boat yeah?! I mean, it only stands to reason really that in AA, by their own philosophy that all alcoholics are like children! Well, most children have invisible friends they interract with which seemes to help them through adjustments and changes in life as a coping mechanism. It only stands to reason that if a person who ended up in AA was selfish and self centred to the extreme like a child then they are going to find it hard to adjust to the changes needed to grow up and cope! Hence, the need for a higher power, or if you like an invisible friend like a child! Just a thought?!

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"I mean, it only stands to reason really that in AA, by their own philosophy that all alcoholics are like children!"

And all children are budding alcoholics.

"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves."
~Dresden James

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My Unicorn is NOT invisible!!!!!!!!
Just look at my Avatar. Now it might look like a stuffed animal, but......late at night,...........
Besides, my Unicorn has been specifically trained in "sheep herding" :-)

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Your higher power is paradoxically both invisible and pink.


Besides, I don't see anything there.

"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves."
~Dresden James

Fedup--yeah, the Group of Drunks is a pretty bad one....why not a group of really successful happy people who've never had a substance or legal problem? Why the last group you really want to be a part of? And who have to admit regularly that they are completely powerless? You are supposed to pick a "power greater than yourself". How do THEY qualify? Their whole position is having nada when it comes to power! Over anyone, not even themselves?

Whatever works for some people.

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'until it was cut down!'

They've just cut a load of trees down at Sherwood Forest, I hope none of the local stepper cult idiots have used any of them as higher powers.....they will be sadly disappointed if they have, much better to use a rock as a higher power there's less chance of it suffering any damage. A light bulb after all can burn out, I know a ceiling light is higher and powered by electric...but surly it looses its 'stop you drinking power' when it is burned out?

'that all alcoholics are like children'

One of the last stepper cult sessions that I attended the chairperson was absent and you ought to have seen the steppers running around, all trying to take charge and do the initial cult readings and such. 'Like big children' did spring to mind. Some steppers and stepper cult friendly people like to woffle on about education when they are not repeating slogans and drunkalogues and woffling about the mandatory 'resentments and character defects etc that we have all heard constantly regurgitated at stepper cult indoctrination sessions/meetings. The steppers I have seen, doing Masters and PhD's?..........I'm sorry not a chance, too busy attending the cult and scaring other victims with the usual stepper cult indoctrination lies to also become lifetime members of the stepper cult in the imaginary belief that in doing so they are somehow guaranteeing their own sobriety (or a much much more self satisfying agenda) than pursue any intellectual goals. any way many of the steppers I have had the honour to ignore would probably have trouble tying their shoe laces....especially the women who probably wouldn't realise they didn't have any, anyway

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

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Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks :-)

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My Unicorn "manifested" because I BELIEVE!!!!! and she's damn cute to boot :-)

I will admit, I also thought "nature" was the most absurd, but trees are right up there. Why nature? I get it if you're Wiccan or something I guess, because it already is, but just because it's more powerful than you? What, it'll somehow fix you? No, it won't. If anything, it's more likely to do you in (actually, it IS what'll do you in in the end) than any deity. Unless you pick Ares or Apollo or something (or worse, Eris) and actually believe in them. I mean, whatever works for people.

They tried to get me to go for the ocean. Because it's more powerful than me. I wondered how the hell it was going to actually HELP me and they said I was "overthinking it". To which I replied, "give me a system that I need in no way to analyze because it makes sense, and I will stop analyzing it".

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'They tried to get me to go for the ocean. Because it's more powerful than me'

I'm no Scientist, in fact I some times have trouble tying my own shoe laces, but is the Ocean actually more powerful than a Human Being? The Ocean is vast but is it actually more complex than a Person? In fact IS anything that we can experience physically in this universe more advanced, in any way, than a human? God is reputed to have made Man in His own image!

Come on Scientist readers, there's two free tickets to the stepper cult indoctrination session/ meeting of your choice (you are exempt from putting any change in the passed around basket) if you can answer the following question.....is anything we know in this physical world, actually 'higher' than a Human?

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

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You are right, NoAAUK. If we are talking size, humans are extraordinarily small compared with the rest of the universe. But if if complexity were analogous to brightness, most of the universe would be a dim lightbulb, whereas humans would shine like quasars. Of course, your pet goldfish would be only a bit dimmer. That is exactly how the lecturer in this lecture series put is: http://www.thegreatcourses.com/tgc/Courses/course_detail.aspx?cid=1830

Have you listened to your Arnold ZeDVille today?

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To be sure, the small fish in the ocean are far more complex than the ocean itself.

Have you listened to your Arnold ZeDVille today?

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Congratulations you have won the two free tickets to the stepper cult meeting of your choice. I would suggest that you go to one of the many stepper cult meetings that have now closed. If the room is now empty you will not be subjected to any more of that cult billshit, I'm sure you have heard enough of that age old cult indoctrination in the past.....I know I have. Silence is golden, where stepper cult indoctrination is concerned

......and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. Matthew 24:11

They tried that with me. They tried everything. Except for my brain, which was the real solution, I guess. It makes no sense! If I were an incurable addict of these pills, especially opiates, would they be sitting on my shelf right now instead of me taking massive amounts? Would I have skipped taking them to go on a (cortisone shot laced) walk instead, that ended up being kind of painful, trying to rehab my physical body? No. I'd have sat at home stoned out of my mind on painkillers. Like an addict. And no matter what I thought about the ocean, my mind making the decision to NOT take tons of drugs (to which, at this point I have PLENTY of access, given my physical circumstances) was the key. I certainly wouldn't find 1/4 to 1/2 of one pill to be sufficient pain relief. And I'd like the "high".

The ocean is very powerful! It is complex, and mysterious. Do any of these people in meetings know much about it? I have yet to run into any oceanographers chairing a meeting. Like I say, if it works for you, go for it!!! Buy some MP3s of ocean waves. Carry pics of it on your mobile. Ask it to remove your compulsion to drink or use a drug. Then ask yourself if you need more serious help than an AA meeting if you are sitting around asking the ocean for favors. Then politely ask it to stop rising so that Florida will still exist in 100 years. Just saying.

Esp. that last paragraph. Perfect.

LOL itisi, well, it is the OCEAN, what's it supposed to do for your health?

Actually, body surfing is GREAT for any sinus issues. I'll give you that. Let those waves rush through your sinus cavities on a day with decent chop, and you're good. As for drinking or drugs, well kids, boating while under the influence is a big problem and I'll just leave it at that.

And what's with jet skiiers? Love how Carl Hiaasen always gives them the short end of the stick.

I picked my digestive system and my nervous system. They cannot handle the things I got addicted to. I actually just got prescribed the drug I was "addicted" to. two pills (my prescribed dose) sends me to the bathroom getting sick. Problem permanently solved. Other than the fact that I really don't like being high. Can that be my higher power? That I like to be sober and just got put on a lot of pills?