craigslist recovery forums overrun by steppers.

That's right folks. craigslist recovery forums are now moderated by steppers.
Here is a screen shot of the new sticky post at the top of craigslist recovery forums.


It appears they've got Danny, Clara and an incredibly hateful Seagal over there. Their days are

God damn it, get me a whiskey

Bill W, Deathbed

btnben, yeah, obviously Clara/SusanDivine......she's the one who won't shut up about this forum, kind of easy to spot. Wow, isn't that considered a harmful sort of "resentment" in AA? So, Danny's over there as well? Good thing they've got moderators if that's the case, I think we all know how quickly that can spiral out of

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Look at the AA members on craigslist... They can't even get along with each other.

AA is a religious cult dressed up to look like a treatment for alcoholism.


Apparently you can't even say "Hello" to the group if they know you are opposed to AA and have been outspoken about it previously over there.

The complaint they have is the toxicity that anyone opposed to AA brings to the forum (it should be about "recovery"), but they are completely oblivious to the vile that has been posted there by an AA. This includes bestiality photos! I've never liked that forum and do not contribute there regularly but now it appears that I don't have a choice.

The blanket term "recovery" does not mean "steppers only". It appears to me that the CL Staff has been indoctrinated by some private communication with 12 Steppers and sympathy ploys have occurred. I can hear it, "they are killing alcoholics" and "are haters with nothing better to do with their time". However there is good argument that what is actually happening is completely the opposite, except of course there are actual studies with numbers to back up our claims about AA being no better than getting together and playing Patty Cake.

Pro Empowerment!

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no worded program is good for me, i see the words spinning, i see the meanings bending.

the only thing we have to fear; is man himself. CGJung

Apparently posting endlessly about this forum is a-ok, though! I guess that forum will be stuck with a few familiar grudge-ridden whack-jobs over there; hopefully these moderators will see the nuttiness as clearly as they do other posts they consider "trolling". Sad, some of the people over there seem to be decent folks, from what I've read of it.

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People change but extreme.From hating aa to loving Aa again.well choice is choice.Questioned why attack then accept and attack that people attack.Glad the trolls have foiund a home.Not a palce where I want to post.Just talking with AA?friend?SOS.go to meetings and stay sober.Do I really want the AA religion?No.
old story.If someone is drowning -hold out your hand.but if they try to pull you down with them-throw them into deeper water and let them drown.
Craigs wants to be a pro aa site -leave them be.One reiki "master" was used to getting the girl after giving her reiki.Easy sex L.A.One 43 year old virgin-he tried his best/taught her all 3 levels 1st to master and FAILED.She laughed at him.No goodies today.RESULT = seeing that most 43 year old virgins want to die virgin ?Nope -he quit practising and teaching Reiki. Whatever pushed her buttons sure did set her off.One day foul mouthed and filled with hate for any pro aa, now filled with hate for OPF.Often questioned- wondered what and why she was attacking? Viscious verbiage. Often Over nothing.
wHATEER GOES ON I will try to stay inside of the Light.And when appropriate- to be polite.
It is enjoyable when erudite educated profesional commentary is made.


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I guess the craigslist "stepper" recovery forum is OK with porn sites. I try not to look at the filth that the porn posters put over on the craigslist recovery forum, but that appears to be the number one trouble with the trolls on that site. The 12 Step moderators seem to be OK with it and instead are putting all of their efforts on moderating "other" modalities ideas.

I think the Bill Wilson followers on craigslist should really be spending their time on moderating the porn links that keep being put on the site. But then again, they are following in the footsteps of the adulterous Bill Wilson, the original 13th Stepper.

~You can not moderate the truth. Just don't lie, steal or make stuff up out of thin air and expect to get away with it without it being pointed out to you. It's really very simple.~

The porn. And here I thought it was all of the good crabs recipes.
Where do they find the time for all of their AA commitments?

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When I read that Seagal Is at Craigs,I had to look.But some questions.wHEN ONE SUFFERS THE CHILDHOOD ABUSE THAT SHE CALIMS TO HAVE ENDURED. Either 1 revenge upon society.
Rob,rape,murderor 2 empathy ,sympathy feelings for others who were abused.Yet on OPF attacking so visciously wehn Loon/Clone/Lonestar posted that not everyone who was a POW became rich and successful.000 RESPONSE- bitch,cunt f--,a,etc.I questioned-if you really suffered such abuse why are you attacing so visciously and with such a foul mouth/dog-mouthed we say in Thailand?Why threaten me for saying who knows what it's like to be left for dead/5 1/2 days,tortured and "word to the wise Simon." Not I know what it's like but let me threaten you.Now-"OPF is all about hate" and "Danny does not exist."
Repeat-PEOPLE swimming in pool filled with faeces,vomit and urine=AA. Let them swim in it and her with them.She was as viscious during the TROLL WARS as anyone could possible be.yet we are evil.evil.I do not believe her stories and I know that she will read this.Good job Gunthar-she really hates you #1.Judge yourself by your enemies as well as by your friends.After opening up to all of us about your Hell-she has no empathy.No feelings for your life,your successful recovery and your continued effort to help others.
Characteristic of all sociopaths and psychopaths-can not empathize with anyone.Only feel own self is real.Her Hatred of Catholic Church???? and now embraces the Catholic AA bastardized Christianity.
Now I've posted ,now I can have my God tiem/knowledge/meditation and not think about her.
"Judgement was come upon man, that light came into the world,but they feared to come unto the light for their evil deads might be seen."Christian Bible.John Chapter 1.
"I offer my blessing to all who wish to have this gift.If you are not interested-walk away.No problem."
Buddha and my master Sant Ji both have said the same.


It is pretty strange, isn't it? Whatever, I say....

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i deliberately went passed an aa meeting letting out the other day
i did not see a single person i knew 15 years ago
but then every 6 mths there was a turn over of 80-90 %
15 years stuck in the psychological churn of a low head dam cult
i just wanted clean friends -
instead i got psychologically scarred for life

the only thing we have to fear; is man himself. CGJung

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Craig's List's is violating their own "truth in advertising" agreement. The Craig's List's "recover" forum should be call "pro AA recovery". Calling it generally the "recover" forum misleads the community to believe it is open to all recovery ideas and healthy criticism. But Now, Craig's List new moderation policy falsely defines (via moderation policy) that "only those who agree with AA" "are productively discussing recovery." When the truth is 80% of people who get sober don't use AA and many have posted productive and healthy criticism of AA.

This is just a small demonstration of the subversive way AA manipulates public institutions so that AA can not be challenged or criticized. and The exact reason why so many sentient beings reject AA's creepy surrender monkey control schemes. I'd say Shame on Craig's List. but that'd be redundant.

the only thing we have to fear; is man himself. CGJung

Answer accusations of religious censorship with drastically increased religious censorship.


Dumb asses. That forum will soon be a ghost town, most likely.

There is always /r/stopdrinking and /r/alcoholism over at reddit. A much better site, but they too have some censorship going on. I think I've gotten their attention of late though, and they actually seem to be easing up instead of taking the CL craftard aproach.

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Well, at least they seem to have banned clara/desertqueen/susandelish/susandivine for the second time and under a second name. Boy talk about humility, those names sound like cheesy porn whore names. LOL!

"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves."
~Dresden James

It seems that care needs to be taken when answering ads on Craigslist.

" A man convicted of murdering three men who answered a Craigslist ad to work on an Ohio cattle farm was sentenced to death Thursday morning, Summit County Court Bailiff Brian Scheetz said.

A judge in Summit County accepted a jury's recommendation that Richard James Beasley should die for the crimes.

Ralph Geiger, 56, of Akron, Ohio; David Pauley, 51, of Norfolk, Virginia; and Timothy Kern, 47, of Massillon, Ohio, answered the ad and were killed in late 2011."

God damn it, get me a whiskey

Bill W, Deathbed