disease or not? - its not what yee claim - but - HOW yee claim.

I lean towards its a disease for myself and it's simple enough to accept the precedent that nuero toxins affect the brain in some people different than others - so i am not saying its true for all but i am concerned that there are those who make claims it is not a disease for anyone - and most just don't get it - which over steps other people own decision, i claim that is a lack of understanding your own limits and attempting to control others. some have financial motives for this some over step due to emotion and ego.

If Jesus Christ is the Answer to "Addictions" and Mental & Emotional Problems, Why Do Both "Christians" & non-Christians Look Elsewhere? (Part 1)

Jesus came to set at liberty those who have been bruised by the world, the flesh and the devil. Indeed, all who find themselves caught in the wreckage of their lives and who are now turning to recovery programs [and psychological counseling] need Jesus more than anything or anyone else. Therefore, the question must be asked: If Jesus is truly the answer to life’s problems and indeed the very source of life, why are both nonChristians and Christians looking for answers elsewhere?


Hey Orange, I get your position on free speech and all that but shouldn't there be some kind of rule or protocol against posting the same exact post over and over again. I mean that could, theoretically turn really ugly if people just try to "up-post" one another, don’t you think?
I'd like to hear yours and everybody else's opinion on the matter. It's about to get out of hand.....once again......urgh


Hi folks. Just wanted to let you know that if you are participating at expaa.org you are posting on a website that was stolen from me and a few other contributors. As a team we organized and we wrote all of the information on the website. We also paid for a two year contract with the web template host. The cost was almost $300.00

How can this be possible?


From the book titled "12 Steps To Destruction" (By Martin and Deidre Bobgan)

In past centuries [so-called] addictions were looked upon as sinful habits. Jesus came to save people from their sin and to enable them to overcome sinful behavior. However, Christians are turning away from biblical words such as "drunkenness" and "sin" and are embracing [nonChristian and misleading] words such as "alcoholism" and "addictions" and the disease mentality. In doing so they are following the ways of [nonChristians]. (Words in brackets mine.)

Thanks Orange!

I like the new features.
Seems that some people are allowed to edit... I'm not one of them.

The orange color does not appear on the tag on my taskbar... That's still blue.

Looks like now you can see summary of edits.... cool.

You can also see how many people have read each post.\

Anything I missed?

Anti-Christ Theatre?

Rev B. complains about my posts but here is proof that another member does the same thing and no one complains. Here is the proof that Soberman has repeatedly posted anti-Christian post that have nothing to do with the anti-AA movement and that there were NO complaints. He uses the forum to evangelize - to win people to his religion which is Athesism. Should we call this "Atheism Thumping"? Below are links to his post to prove that Soberman has been given a pass by OPF members to promote his religious views that have nothing to do with the anti-AA movement. Why?

Short Attention Span Theatre?

Posting Bible-thumping religionist preach-a-thon malarkey here has nothing to do with the anti-AA movement and is inappropriate for this forum. Repreaching the same preaching here in a short time period is equally inappropriate and out of place, and it strongly suggests a memory span that doesn’t reach as far back as less than three weeks ago.

To Hell and Back!

Watch two short frightening dramatized stories of two men who died and left their bodies. Both are doctors with PhDs who believe that they literally went to Hell. One is an ex-drunk and physician who partied with famous people like Ringo Starr of The Beetles and the actor Hoyt Axton. The other is a scientist who was running from the KGB. Clink this link to watch "To Hell and Back" - http://the-gospel-made-plain.blogspot.com/

Problem for Orange---Screwball Blog Comment Entry Feature

I’ve looked at the order in which comments appear following blog entries here. It’s really screwed up. It isn’t chronological and it doesn’t appear to be based on any specific criteria I can identify. The first comment (chronologically) made will later appear as the 2nd, 3rd, 5th or who knows where? The second one made will similarly be bumped down to some irrationally assigned place in the “order” (ha,ha) and comments made later on will arbitrarily show up earlier in the order of comments made.

Stolen Boniface

Not saying this was done by steppers, but one might look at whether the church hosts any AA meetings:

The Word "Recovery" Is Misleading & There Is No Such Thing As A "Christian" Recovery Program

In his essay titled "The Twelve Biggest Secrets of Alcoholics Anonymous", Orange said, "The Twelve Steps do not work as a program of recovery from drug or alcohol problems." I agree.

Why do steppers call 12 step cults, fellowships?

Its just another example of deceptive recruiting
0% (0 votes)
Its just another stepper lie to confuse the vulnerable
0% (0 votes)
They dont want the general public to know what they really are, just an oxford group inspired cult
0% (0 votes)
Other reason, please specify, because for the life of me I can't uderstand WHY they call 12 step cults, fellowships
100% (2 votes)
Total votes: 2

Praise the Lord for Spreading the Word Against AA!

Here are the latest numbers for viewers of my YouTube videos. I've been getting quite a few notices from viewers saying that they have shared the videos with other. Not bad for being posted only 7 months ago. I pray that they will continue to be a blessing to people. Praise the Lord!

Alcoholics Anonymous Is Dangerous! (Part 1) - 2,874 views

Alcoholics Anonymous Is Dangerous! (Part 2) - 773 views

Alcoholics Anonymous Is Dangerous! (Part 3) - 428 views

Alcoholics Anonymous Is Dangerous! (Part 4) - 348 views

He's BACK.....well sort of.......

So our friend Danny may have been temporarily silenced here (Who knows, he’s probably already back with a new name) but he’s still playing elsewhere. Right now he’s engaging on the Fix and he inserted foot in mouth so let’s hold him to it when he returns.
In this particular rendition he has returned as Subhuti on the Fix and here is one of his threads.

Drunk Driver Driving to an Alcoholic Anonymous Meeting in Major Car Accident Will do Jail Time


A drunk driver who caused a head-on collision after driving on the wrong side of the road was on her way to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the time. Mother-of-three Briege O’Hara is starting a nine-month jail term after she caused grievous bodily injury by dangerous driving to another driver.

The 61-year-old, from Belfast’s Antrim Road, was driving over the legal limit and was on her way to an AA meeting when she caused the collision near her home on August 27 last year.

Rolf Ankermann interviewed by St Jude Retreats about all things recovery, "The Freedom to Recover" and the efficacy, or lack thereof, of the 12 Step Model

A big thank you to Annie Kochneva, Marketing Manager and to Michelle Dunbar,
Executive Director of St Jude Retreats for the opportunity to discuss recovery,
my book and AA. If you are struggling with an alcohol dependency and want
cognitive solutions instead of faith healing and powerlessness, check out St
Jude Retreats.......These fantastic folks simply get it :-)

where is everyone????

did everone decide that everyone else sucked? did a lot of ppl. recently get the boot? the fix is alive with the sound of comments, but nada ovah here? what gives?

Systematic deconstruction...

Systematic deconstruction of your personality.
Those who feel excessive remorse are more likely to submit to superstitious beliefs.... In other words, if you feel guilty enough you'll believe anything. The goal of the 12 steps is to to make you feel guilty enough that you will be willing to believe that sky daddy loves you so much that he'll keep you sober from meeting to meeting... One day at a time. Hopefully for the rest of your life.

Imagine that! A life of AA meetings?!!!

The Fix: Cohesion Between Stepper and Anti Stepper

Interesting, *very* interesting and well written, esp. for a Fix article. Again, Juliet hits it with her writing! http://www.thefix.com/content/can-aa-critic-and-12-step-advocate-get-along

Vey impressed w/ this young woman; she is an inspiration. Hopefully she will see the light regarding the creepy old woman who is only online out of spite and has no idea about addiction and or 12 step programs (Juliet, look into Anti-D, c'mon!) :)

The Fix: Cohesion Between Stepper and Anti Stepper

Interesting, *very* interesting and well written, esp. for a Fix article. Again, Juliet hits it with her writing! http://www.thefix.com/content/can-aa-critic-and-12-step-advocate-get-along

Vey impressed w/ this young woman; she is an inspiration. Hopefully she will see the light regarding the creepy old woman who is only online out of spite and has no idea about addiction and or 12 step programs (Juliet, look into Anti-D, c'mon!) :)

Free sex

I’ve spent an hour or so each night for the last week reading over the OPF. A thought began to germinate in my mind, how can I (we?) contribute to the education of the public at large? Do I write letters to my government representative? Hand out pamphlets at the mall? Disrupt meetings? Organize an anti-AA rally? Burn effegies of Bill W in the town square? What? (Yeah, I got flippant, LOL)

Not a disease, a learning disorder

Maia Salavitz has written the definitive piece on addiction. In convincing fashion, she demolishes the the old-guard dogma and injects some common sense into the debate. This is the kind of fearless writing we need to counter step-speak and speculative "science."

Most of Us Still Don’t Get It: Addiction Is a Learning Disorder

The AA Voice is Loud--Merci to OPF

Alright. So I feel like I am being an attention getter on here, as this is my 2nd blog post of this month. Yikes and sorry for whatever creepy narcissism I am potentially spewing onto the OPF. Some of you know I started going back a little--and then a lot--and then a little, etc. I initially felt like I was being smart. I even read (I ithnk on here?) a meetings survival guideline. It was addressed to ppl. something like this, "If youre gonna go, then make sure you do this that and this, too." It helped. Plus I've been out before for like a full year. Blah blah blah.

Orange Papers Greatest Hits!

whats your favorite hits (excerpt) from orange papers ......?

or any wonderfulness you have experienced along the way

AA destroying self-source energy

Just got a call from steptard I thought had left my life.
seems he wanted INFO/SEEKING SECRETS
Muzzy wanted to see if I could be blamed.
just called to find out if I was reason they got
When realized I could give damn about them
gotta go call u later/like when Hell Freezes Over.
Idiots.said i'm not suprised,you're out.Explained
that's a $3million property U R on.
Now here's a Christian Hospital /all remodeled
new E-R .new wings,but AA=shithole,slum.

The Fix.com has " hidden" the comments section : why?

Criticisms about aa hurts vunerable newcomers - by knowing the truth?
0% (0 votes)
Majority clean wo aa have no message & don't help - rehab recruitments?
0% (0 votes)
The AA sucess story depends on The Priciple of Anonimity - not knowing and hiding?
0% (0 votes)
Advertiser recruitment quotas go up as aa info goes down?
0% (0 votes)
The Fix.com suppresses aa inefficacy to profit - from weak newcomers?
0% (0 votes)
Fuck it - 95% leave AA anyhow?
0% (0 votes)
Matters bc 30 B /yr is wasted that could provide better alt help.
0% (0 votes)
Rhetorical Polls are better - voting results will be hidden.
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 0


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