Return of Werner Erhard

This is appalling: Werner Erhard, the cult leader who created "EST" and ripped off millions in the "Hunger Project", is supposedly making a return to respectability.

Here are some links to Werner Erhard in the Cult Test:

2 drunks talking to another

Twentieth Century Influences on AA
Posted on November 18, 2012
By bob k

It is fairly common knowledge that there are religious roots to AA. Much has been written about our earliest existence as part of the Christian revivalist Oxford Group. From Carl Jung comes the need in the chronic alcoholic for some form of “spiritual awakening.” These awakenings are also described as “huge emotional displacements and rearrangements,” “personality changes,” “a profound alteration in his reaction to life,” and the like. One man’s miracle is another’s psychology.


Last week the 'Lords Prayer' made the UK news. Apparently they wanted to show an advert featuring the 'Lords Prayer' at the Cinemas, but it was considered 'offensive' to those of other faiths or atheists and was banned from being broadcast. Last I heard the Church of England was taking legal steps about the matter. What about AA? I know I am not the only one by far who finds the 'promotion' of this vile and dangerous cult by the media as terribly OFFENSIVE.

Fascism, then and now just published an interesting article about Donald Trump's fascist attitudes. I found it interesting to compare the definition of fascism there with the definition as applied to the Mussolini's Italian fascists and Hitler's Nazis:

Why Punish Drug Users at All?

This is quite good: Some sensible talk, just for a change.

Russian court bans Moscow branch of the Church of Scientology

I'm not sure about the Russian court's logic or methods of reasoning, but it's good news to hear that Scientology won't be conning anybody there.

The Science of Gratitude

An important part of the 12 Step Program is developing a grateful attitude towards your Higher Power (however you choose to define it).

Neuroscience shows us that having a grateful attitude increases the feel-good chemicals in our brains, reducing depression and anxiety. There are a number of articles about this. Here is one of them:

On Step One

On Step one Suppose, for example, that you read the ‘first step’ in the AA Big Book and

Sheriff William Snyder of Martin County, Florida Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Area 15 District 6 is concerned about the lack of control over sober homes in his area.

Sheriff warns of growing sober homes

Story by Greg Angel /CBS12 November 10, 2015

STUART (CBS12) -- An unregistered sex offender dumped off at a local Walmart by a local sober home has turned himself in to the Martin County Sheriff's Office.


By "GOD" I mean that which exist in itself and is conceived through itself. A concept which needs no other concept for which it must be formed. Soberman

Which would you rather do

Watch paint dry?
100% (4 votes)
Stick pins in your eyes?
0% (0 votes)
Go to a stepper cult meeting/indoctrination session?
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 4

Has anybody seen a TV promotion of the stepper cult that mentions God?

Yes, the stepper cult is totally honest and always mentions God when recruiting on TV.....LOL
0% (0 votes)
No, the stepper cult always uses very deceptive recruiting techniques to ensnare further victims for life, on the TV
100% (3 votes)
There IS no third chioce you either hear about God on the TV , or NOT hear about God during stepper cult TV promotions
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 3

Emmerdale update

Looks like Emmerdale are now promoting NA as well as AA on their program. Jay is now going to NA meetings for his coke habit. You've got to hand it to 'em, these steppers continue to promote their cult whenever and where ever they can. but why do they ALWAYS hide the God bit? Perhaps Janus can clarify the situation.....then again perhaps not......she always seems to have a lot of stepper cult BS indoctrination to repeat........nothing that makes any sense whatsoever. In my opinion Emmerdale used to be a good soap....before they started promoting the stepper cult.

Thank you, Veterans.

Dear Veterans,

Thank you for your Service.


Prohibition Comes to an End and the cult commonly called Alcoholics Anonymous is incubated in church basements.....

Prohibition Comes to an End

The high price of bootleg liquor meant that the nation’s working class and poor were far more restricted during Prohibition than middle or upper class Americans. Even as costs for law enforcement, jails and prisons spiraled upward, support for Prohibition was waning by the end of the 1920s. In addition, fundamentalist and nativist forces had gained more control over the temperance movement, alienating its more moderate members.

Recent requests of banning by Angerman & SimonTempler

Free Speech Gained Momentum at UC Berkley. Orange has a connection to Berkley

Celebrities captured by the dragnet of Alcoholics Anonymous - is AA purposely targeting these high worth prospects? Is AA the disease of the wealthy?

How many of these celebrities were coerced into the cult commonly known as Alcoholics Anonymous?
1. Stephen King
2. Robin Williams
3. Ben Affleck
4. Michael J. Fox
5. Jamie Lee Curtis
6. Diana Ross
7. Mel Gibson
8. Johnny Depp
9. Mickey Mantle
10. Billie Holiday
11. Eminem
12. Anthony Hopkins
13. Daniel Radcliffe
14. Steven Tyler
15. Robert Downey, Jr.
16. Kristin Davis
17. Leonard Nimoy
18. Alec Baldwin
19. Elton John
20. Charlie Watts
21. Nick Nolte

Orange-PLEASE-X 3/Janus,SSSponsor,Mindfull ofshiite

OPF now has completely total comments of trolls.
Please could ssome sanity some of the
Survivors and rescuers have focus over this endless
whorrenscheisser-probably wrong germanic phrase
But would so enjoy just reading how we can help people free
their minds from the SLAVERY OF AA!!!!
arrogaant people love to debate/ridiule/insult /degrade others.
Lighthouse in mtns. Early day up meditation/God time/raja yoga
now off to be with some one I really do love= Yo.

What is "Rule 62" in Alcoholics Anonymous? Should AA trolls be following it?

Rule 62

Don't take yourself so damn seriously.

The Story of Rule 62

30 days of Alcohol Abstinence....found

to be beneficial in brain regeneration.....and it commences at day 7...a new finding...

and here..

How the USA can regulate the abuse in the "Troubled Teen" Billion $ industry WWASP - H.R. 3060 2015

H.R. 3060 Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2015

Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act of 2015 This bill directs the Department of Health and Human Services to require each covered program to prohibit child abuse and neglect and meet specified minimum standards.

In Religious Arbitration, Scripture Is the Rule of Law

A few months before he took a toxic mix of drugs and died on a stranger’s couch, Nicklaus Ellison wrote a letter to his little sister. He asked for Jolly Ranchers, Starburst and Silly Bandz bracelets, some of the treats permitted at the substance abuse program he attended in Florida. Then, almost as an aside, Mr. Ellison wrote about how the Christian-run program that was supposed to cure his drug and alcohol problem had instead “de-gayed” him. “God makes all things new,” Mr. Ellison wrote in bright green ink. “The weirdest thing is how do I come out as straight after all this time?”

"Like a Braid"


In retrospect, that's how I've come to view it: fact and fiction tightly twisted together. Separating the two- causing fiction to fall away and fact to stand on its own- was something that could only be fully accomplished after gaining enough distance from those who caused that 'braid' to appear.

Alocoholics Anonymous member kills 3 people in Colorado Springs, CO AA Area 10 District 7 Sat. Oct. 31, 2015

In a very sad sequence of events a 33 year old recovering alcoholic identified as Noah Jacob Harpham, who regularly talked to his AA Sponsor in AA Area 10 District 7 ( shot and killed an unknown bicyclist in his neighborhood and then walked to a female sober home and killed two of the residents.

@Mr. Orange.......20 months! We need a new troll..Please :-)

Dear Orange,

I'm appealing to your sense of fair play, your sense of humor and the what I assume to be, the overall purpose of the forum, which is to out all things 12 Step as the faith healing voodoo religion/cult that lacks any efficacy whatsoever to help people overcome their dependency issues and even worse yet, one which actually causes harm, cult dependence and worse.

I get that having the occasional troll around spouting AA platitudes is useful in that it offers us the opportunity debunk their very weak justifications and arguments. I totally get that.

Everything we (think we) know about addiction is wrong

This went up on you tube 4 days ago . it revisits Dr. Bruce Alexander's Experiment called "Rat Park" It has garnered over 2 million views - there has to be a better way than sentencing people to find God -which is against the law in the United States - as a cure for drug and alcohol addictions. Which is exactly what AA/NA conspire.

Faith healing is not a cure for addictions, nor is it a cure for cancer .


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